post-title Virginia Glasmacher | New Works | Galerie Kremers | 18.02 – 25.03.2023

Virginia Glasmacher | New Works | Galerie Kremers | 18.02 – 25.03.2023

Virginia Glasmacher | New Works | Galerie Kremers | 18.02 – 25.03.2023

Virginia Glasmacher | New Works | Galerie Kremers | 18.02 – 25.03.2023

until 25.03. | #3782ARTatBerlin | Galerie Kremers presents from 18 February 2023 the exhibition New Works by the artistVirginia Glasmacher.

Where do you want to enter or dive into?

When you look at Virginia Glasmacher’s paintings, you suddenly understand very clearly the meaning of the word “colour space”. Her colour landscapes are deep and complex, each a unique system of colour and form that the viewer is happy to be captivated by. We look forward to walking in these landscapes with the artist.

Born in 1969 in Richmond, Virginia, the artist Virginia Glasmacher thinks in terms of colour and light. Her compositions open up vastness and depth of different pictorial planes. The colours are interwoven, connected and superimposed. Pastose sections alternate with watery glazes applied with a squeegee, palette knife or brush. Again and again, the painter checks how the materials (binder, thinner, brush/squeegee) relate to each other and how they determine the picture. She weighs up exactly where she intervenes, where she leaves the pictorial action to the materiality of the colours. The titles of the works often have a landscape connotation and at the same time they precisely name the colours used by the painter. Glasmacher knows how to keep her pictures in suspension: Between object reference and self-reference, making and letting come into being, spatial effect and surface, colour and structure. The openness of her painting opens up free spaces that make this art accessible to a complex system of references.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of Galerie Kremers - Virginia Glasmacher(1)-minVirginia Glasmacher, Ausblick, Ultramarin-Coelin, 2018, 130x120cm

Through the field of tension of colour, I want to create pictorial worlds that correspond to the structures and connections of my perception. Colour occurrences in nature and in my environment, but also what I feel and experience are initial stimuli from which I set out on a search to find comparable images on canvas. I am interested in the different qualities of the colours, their depth, their dominance, their transparency and their ability to vibrate.
Virginia Glasmacher, July 2022

Vernissage:Saturday 18 February 2023 between 12h-18 h invite

Exhibition dates: Saturday 18 February to Saturday 25 March 2023

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Image Caption Title: Virginia Glasmacher, Ausblick, Kadmiumgrün-Ultramarin, 2022, 200x170cm

Exhibition Virginia Glasmacher – Galerie Kremers | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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