post-title Thomas Baumgärtel | WALD | Raab Galerie | 26.08.-26.09.2022

Thomas Baumgärtel | WALD | Raab Galerie | 26.08.-26.09.2022

Thomas Baumgärtel | WALD | Raab Galerie | 26.08.-26.09.2022

Thomas Baumgärtel | WALD | Raab Galerie | 26.08.-26.09.2022

until 26.08. | #3571ARTatBerlin | Raab Galerie and JRGallery presents from 26. August 2022 the exhibition “WALD” by the artist Thomas Baumgärtel.

Thirty years have passed since Cologne museum director Siegfried Gohr ordered a spray banana from Thomas Baumgärtel for the Museum Ludwig. A motif that, disproportionately enlarged, was installed in Cologne Cathedral 20 years ago. cathedral.

The motif serves Baumgärtel the painter to draw his viewers into other worlds. He succeeds because he is a refined, quick and emotional painter. With a sure painterly hand he succeeds in all sorts of things: Impressionism, Objectivity, Photorealism, Pop Art, Banana Pointillism, Spray, he echoes Dada and Duchamp. Again and again he takes up new themes. He accustoms us to the idea of trusting him with or without the banana, and the painting style becomes even more seductive. Sometimes the banana is barely visible, sometimes it has disappeared altogether. The painter frees himself from the cocoon of the sprayer, his intention becomes visible. It remains in an idealised form and thus serves the ideal as a starting point and final result: it is, after all, nothing less than beauty.

ART at Berlin - Raab Galerie und JRGallery - Thomas Baumgärtel - 2
Wald im Gegenlicht Spraylack auf Plakatwand 2022 79,5 x 120 cm

This brings us to another phenomenon of this exhibition: this time Thomas Baumgärtel has decided to paint some works together with his partner “Nicole Meyer”. It is great fun to look at this closely, because it shows that the female element changes the pictures; forests that they both make appear in full beauty before our mind’s eye.

Raab Galerie and JRGallery open this exhibition in the presence of Thomas Baumgärtel and Nicole Meyer.

Vernissage: Friday, 26. August 2022 , from 6 to 9 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Friday, 26. August until Monday, 26. September 2022

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Bildunterschrift: Waldpalette Spraylack auf Holz, 2022, 44 x 68 cm

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