post-title Thilo Heinzmann | Morbidezza | Guido W. Baudach | 12.11.-22.12.2016

Thilo Heinzmann | Morbidezza | Guido W. Baudach | 12.11.-22.12.2016

Thilo Heinzmann | Morbidezza | Guido W. Baudach | 12.11.-22.12.2016

Thilo Heinzmann | Morbidezza | Guido W. Baudach | 12.11.-22.12.2016

until 22.12. | #0886ARTatBerlin | Guido W. Baudach shows from 12th November 2016 the exhibition “Morbidezza” by the artist Thilo Heinzmann.

The Galerie Guido W. Baudach is pleased to present the eighth solo exhibition at the gallery by Thilo Heinzmann, who is showing twelve new paintings under the overall title of Morbidezza. The three series Pigmentbilder, Aicmos and Colour Aicmos can be seen together for the first time.

The Pigmentbilder are captivating in their compositional ease and sensual complexity. Loose pigments are applied directly onto a particularly altered canvas. As non-representational as these images are, they celebrate the act of painting itself.

Within the exhibition the Pigmentbilder function as the framework for two further series – both of them on industrially produced, white-laminated aluminium honeycomb panels. These Aicmos and Colour Aicmos show gaps and openings, as in earlier works by Heinzmann. But with the difference that the Aicmos now have cuts of a different kind, including grooves, dents, scratches, gouges and hollows, giving the works a more direct visual language. The way in which time and tempo are inscribed here is not dissimilar in gesture to the painting process that culminated in the Pigmentbilder. Heinzmann succeeds in forcing the living painterly gesture into the artificiality of the industrial image carrier. The astonishing openness of these images is juxtaposed by the decisiveness of their composition. They immediately demand a position from the viewer.

In contrast the Colour Aicmos, in which Heinzmann applies synthetic resins coloured with various pigments to the aluminium, adhere to a different concept: here we encounter luminous streaks of paint on a matt white surface partially run through with cuts, gaps and slits. The compositions seem unforced but never uncontrolled. They play with the imagination of the viewer, who is seduced by their materiality, modernity, directness and beauty.

Vernissage: Friday, 11th November 2016, 06:00 – 09:00 p.m.

Exhibitionperiod: Saturday, 11th November – Thursday, 22nd December 2016 

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Image caption: O.T., 2016, aluminium, 169 x 148 cm (detail)

Exhibition Thilo Heinzmann – Morbidezza – Guido W. Baudach – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin 


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