post-title The Female Side of the Moon | Group Show | Galerie Z22 | 23.01.-27.03.2021 + 04.09.2021

The Female Side of the Moon | Group Show | Galerie Z22 | 23.01.-27.03.2021 + 04.09.2021

The Female Side of the Moon | Group Show | Galerie Z22 | 23.01.-27.03.2021 + 04.09.2021

The Female Side of the Moon | Group Show | Galerie Z22 | 23.01.-27.03.2021 + 04.09.2021

until 27.03. | #2952ARTatBerlin | Galerie Z22 presents from 23rd January 2021 the group show THE FEMALE SIDE OF THE MOON. The exhibition features the photographs of forty photographers from twenty-eight countries where the framer and the framed are women. On 4 September 2021, the exhibition will again take place as a pop up for only one evening, with a performance by Marina Markovic.

Addendum to the performance on 04.09.2021: The Arrangement, conceived by Marina Markovic, explores submission and domination in relation to the female body, focusing on the spectrum of free will and coercion. The project presents a multimedia environment in which the body takes center stage, mediating between personal choices and pressure created by society, the art market, figures, and institutions. The artist invites us to pay special attention to the skin, which physically separates us from other bodies, while also allowing for stereotypes and expectations to project on its surface. The artist invites galleries and institutions to tattoo their logos on her body, further examining the power dynamics between them and herself.


THE FEMALE SIDE OF THE MOON pursues the female gaze. But rather than examining what it is and if such a thing ever exists, it wants to render and foster the multiplicity of the looks of women* towards women*. The bodies photographed turn into the cracks of the earth, they witness the restless geographies they arise from.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Z22 - Ira Rokka-min

The work is a part of “Entropy of Duality Series.“ Every contemporary force is interconnected. It causes us to make ambivalent conclusions in every reason.
Being an acting person and a judging one at the same time our mind is doomed to be involved into this unstoppable game.
Duality of mind in the context of reliance on any objective point of view, a person is yearning and feeling acute loneliness.

The faces change, the atmospheres alter, and the exhibition becomes a tiny archive of emotions of different geographies and generations portrayed in different genres.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Z22 - Eleonor Deblas-min

The approach of De Blas aims to refer to the subversive that exists in the body, as a place of dynamism and development and of constant movement.

THE FEMALE SIDE OF THE MOON does not describe itself with an external gaze, does not derive from it. All the glances in the image traffic here belong to women* with true desires, with real faces. They enjoy, take pleasure, dare to look at and share their pain.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Z22 - Sarah Maple-min

Much of Maple‘s work is inspired by feminism and gender politics. She is interested in the part shame plays in womens’ lives,
be that how they take up space in the world, their physical appearance, their bodily functions or blame culture.
Maple is interested in how we can change the visual narrative for women as a form of empowerment. In much of this work
she uses humor as a Trojan horse to get a message across. Her work crosses a wide variety of media such as performance,
painting and photography. The idea comes first then the medium she chooses
is determined by the strongest way to get the idea across, hence is constantly evolving.

Either in the photographers or in the photographed, we see women* staking a claim on their desires with their waves of anger and serenity, and above all, with their acts: the act of looking …

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Z22 - Toya Sarno Jordan-min

Hazel Hull gets dressed before Sunday mass on a chilly morning in October, 2015 in Jeffersonville, NY, United States.
This photo is part of a series about Hazel and Helen, 96-year-old twins who have never lived more than a few miles apart from each other.

The artists dare to reveal many gestures to free the body from the suffocating gaze, the suffocation the body absorbs. They break the conventions, defy the labels, subvert the heteronormative stereotypes and the representations. They challenge the patriarchal norms, ideas related to gender, and social roles. They want us to look again, and to look once more. Their looks extend and open the body to the world. They evoke joy, and their eyes empower life.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Z22 -Janine Machiedo-min

“Only a bird who lived in a cage, can understand the existential importance of freedom!”’
Machiedo‘s work is very intuitive, observant and honest. She creates storytelling images including
surreal elements often combined with textures to coin a painterly style. The visible reality is not enough for
her – she wants to bring a magical element into our daily lives. Her goal is to convey her feelings, stories, wishes and
every changing state of mind to bring it close to the viewer hoping they can identify with the story she has created.

Exhibition start: Saturday 23 January 2021

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 23 January – Saturday, 27 March 2021

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Exhibition The Female Side of the Moon – Galerie Z22 | Contemporary Art – Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin

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