post-title Positionen der Moderne – Von Max Klinger bis Willi Baumeister | Galerie Brockstedt | bis 29.08.2020

Positionen der Moderne – Von Max Klinger bis Willi Baumeister | Galerie Brockstedt | bis 29.08.2020

Positionen der Moderne – Von Max Klinger bis Willi Baumeister | Galerie Brockstedt | bis 29.08.2020

Positionen der Moderne – Von Max Klinger bis Willi Baumeister | Galerie Brockstedt | bis 29.08.2020

until 29.08. | #2771ARTatBerlin | Galerie Brockstedt is presenting the summer exhibition “Positions of Modernism – From Max Klinger to Willi Baumeister” from now until the end of August 2020.

“Art is always contemporary and realistic, it has never existed otherwise and, above all, it cannot exist otherwise.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Artists record what they have met or touched in order to share it with us, the viewer. Paul Klee once put this aptly: “They do not reproduce what is visible, but make it visible!

Thus, in the recently opened exhibition at Galerie Brockstedt, we can take an exciting journey through time in an almost museum-like way, on the traces of modernism, from the turn of the century to the 1960s.

On display are works by Willi Baumeister – Carl Buchheister – Peter Foerster – Otto Freundlich – Conrad Felixmüller – George Grosz – Vilmos Huzár – Edmund Kesting – Max Klinger – Kosnick-Kloss – Jeanne Mammen – Georg Meistermann – Johannes Molzahn – Richard Müller – Jozef Peeters – Christian Schad – Rudolf Schlichter – Lothar Schreyer – Kurt Schwitters – Bruno Voigt – Erich Wegener.

The approximately 40 unique works on display impressively demonstrate how much the artists have struggled for new forms of expression since the turn of the century, after they had detached themselves from the objectifiable truth of the spirit of the 19th century that lay behind reality.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Brockstedt - Jozef Peeters
Jozef Peeters

Modern artists are now increasingly adopting a basic position critical of consciousness, in which they address the questioning of reality and their own existence in the work of art:

“In concrete terms, this relativized artistic self-understanding is expressed in the experimental exploration of pictorial means, in the testing of a new visual language as a means of communicating one’s own inner self, and in the search for objectifiable criteria for naming objects such as space – surface – color – movement – light effect – haptic quality – change. This is what Karin Thomas says in her groundbreaking history of style in the visual arts.

Through her personal view, the reality surrounding the artists, the eventful contemporary history of these decades becomes tangible: the political upheavals and groundbreaking innovations, such as those of Freud’s psychoanalysis with its fundamentally new approaches to philosophy and creativity research.

No matter whether it is the large works, such as the bronze by William Wauer, “Portrait Nell Walden” from 1918, the watercolor “In the Café” by George Grosz, from 1922, around the oil painting “Speedy standing” by Rudolf Schlichter, from 1930, the oil painting by Willi Baumeister “Dedicated to Jacques Callot, from 1940, the oil painting “Le Grand accident” by Gust Romijn from 1960, or smaller works – all of the exhibited works formulate very personal, compelling statements – refer to modernist positions in a representational or abstract form. The many other exhibits in a wide variety of techniques, including silent magical drawings, also show us the density of upheaval in these exciting, researching decades of art history in an enormous variety of ways.

Barbara Brockstedt

Übersetzung: ART@Berlin


Exhibition period: from now on until Saturday, 29. August 2020

Zur Galerie Brockstedt



Exhibition Positionen der Moderne – Galerie Brockstedt | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin


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