post-title Philipp Modersohn | The Selfish Shellfish | Guido W. Baudach | 16.09.-29.10.2022

Philipp Modersohn | The Selfish Shellfish | Guido W. Baudach | 16.09.-29.10.2022

Philipp Modersohn | The Selfish Shellfish | Guido W. Baudach | 16.09.-29.10.2022

Philipp Modersohn | The Selfish Shellfish | Guido W. Baudach | 16.09.-29.10.2022

until 29.10. | #3625ARTatBerlin | Galerie Guido W. Baudach Show the exhibition The Selfish Shellfish by the artist Philipp Modersohn from 16 September 2022.

where the inside is the outside
and the outside is the inside,
we decide to linger on,
we decide to outlast,
we decide to outlast.

when the rock is the body,
and the body is the rock,
we decide to multiply,
we decide to multiply,
we decide to multiply.


Galerie Guido W. Baudach is pleased to present its fourth solo exhibition with Philipp Modersohn. Entitled The Selfish Shellfish, it features a new film of the same name and a new sculpture by the Berlin-based artist. Modersohn’s medially diverse practice can be understood as a poetic transformation of natural processes of sometimes earth-historical dimension, as an artistic attempt at an experimental dialogue with our non-human environment; endowed with subtle humour paired with self-irony as well as a pronounced sense for the beauty of the provisional.

The film, which uses analogue and digital animation techniques, is the fictional self-portrait of a barnacle. The life of this shellfish, which has been found on our planet since time immemorial and is widespread throughout the world, begins as a larva that swims freely through the sea before it attaches itself to the bottom near the coast by creating a limestone shell in order to remain there for the rest of its existence, fishing food (plankton) out of the water and reproducing as a hermaphrodite in mutual fertilisation in exchange with conspecifics that are settled in the immediate vicinity.

In his paintings, The Selfish Shellfish evokes the dynamics of the tidal zone, the constant alternation between dryness and flooding, solidification and mobility. In the process, categories such as ego, body, home or even very elementary aliveness are constantly softened and at the same time manifest themselves anew.

The rhythm of the film follows a baroque song, but Modersohn rewrote the lyrics and had them sung by a classical countertenor, and the sounds were produced using the shells of the switch animals. With the brevity and defiance of many a good pop song, it tells of the life of its kind from the perspective of a barnacle.

In the backlight of the film projection, a single new sculpture by the artist dangles from the ceiling, a peculiar structure made of glass, concrete and silicone, materials typical of Modersohn, and as such seems to allude less to the concrete form of appearance than to the actual essence of the barnacle. Loosely circling around itself, the work hangs freely in space, as if it were floating relaxed in the water.

Vernissage: Thursday 15 September 06:00  p.m.

Exhibition dates: Friday, 16 September – Saturday, 29 October 2022

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Caption title: Standbild aus Philipp Modersohn The Selfish Shellfish, 2022, HD-Video, 3:30 Min, Farbe, Ton

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