post-title Passager | Galerie Berlin Baku | 06.09.–24.09.2016

Passager | Galerie Berlin Baku | 06.09.–24.09.2016

Passager | Galerie Berlin Baku | 06.09.–24.09.2016

Passager | Galerie Berlin Baku | 06.09.–24.09.2016

until 24.09. | #0668ARTatBerlin | The gallery Berlin Baku shows from the 6th September 2016 the exhibition Passager.

The Verein Berliner Künstler (VBK – Society of Berlin Artists) is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year. Established in 1841 is the VBK an association of professional artists, who since then engaged themselves for the presence of Berlin artists in the cultural life of the city. Within the frames of this anniversary year with numerous exhibition projects, we show artwork by four chairmen/woman of the past quarter century.

Ernst Leonhard (1st chairman 1986–1992) likes to work from the inside out. He reflects trends in society, ideas and assumed needs. The slimming obsession, the appetite for the sun on the one side but also landscape impressions and everyday scenes on the other side encourages him, often with a touch of irony and serenity, especially in aspect of his sculptures. Over the past 25 years his artwork condenses more and more on people and the environment. In his artwork, painting and sculpture are in balance, whereat his paintings have gained much of luminosity and colour in recent years.
Hans-Jürgen Gabriel (1st chairman 1992–1998) looks into the subject regarding the time-space relationships and the distances, which seems to err from their original, traditional roles and slips into a more digital world, which also opens up new possibilities. With his neo-cubistic method he picks up this phenomenon, different dimensions and directions of view are brought into line, allows new links. Times of the day/ season, past, present and future are brought together, lying next to each other and on each other, whereupon shapes and colours emphasize these breaks.
Kornelius Wilkens‘ (1st chairman 1998–2005) artwork seems to be collected snap-shots while just passing by with figures/ ob-& subjects just shown shadowy. Inside and outside can only difficult be separated. The statement, the declaration is only an assumption. The subject is hidden in the figurative and can be found. The images themselves want to enter into a dialogue with the viewer, whereby at the end stands quite often the description of a character, feeling, emotion, existential moment, obtained by intensively & internally observing of the conditions & status of the external world.
Sabine Schneider (1st chairwoman 2007–today) is engaged with tracks, sections, borders, lines and intersections, arranging a fragile balance of pictorially forces. Scenic areas are indicated with dynamic forms, which let picturesque tracks look like protagonists in a free play but can be associated with dance choreographies. The result is the appearance of topography and movement of masses. Gestural acting elements are involved in a diverse sounding colour space with differentiated formulations of finely graded chromaticity.

Vernissage: Sunday, 4th September 2016, noon to 02:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Tuesday, 6. September – Saturday, 24. September 2016

Zur Galerie Berlin-Baku


Image caption: via Galerie Berlin Baku – Ernst Leonhard

Exhibition Passager – Galerie Berlin Baku – Art at Berlin 

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