post-title Olaf Heine | Human Conditions | CAMERA WORK | 26.11.–04.02.2023

Olaf Heine | Human Conditions | CAMERA WORK | 26.11.–04.02.2023

Olaf Heine | Human Conditions | CAMERA WORK | 26.11.–04.02.2023

Olaf Heine | Human Conditions | CAMERA WORK | 26.11.–04.02.2023

until 12.03. | #3693ARTatBerlin | CAMERA WORK presents from 26 November 2022 the exhibition Human Conditions by the artist Olaf Heine.

The CAMERA WORK gallery presents the exhibition “Human Condi[ons” with works by Berlin-based photographer Olaf Heine from 26 November 2022. The exhibition provides a comprehensive insight into the artist’s rich and now 30-year career and visualises his artistic intentions. It is Olaf Heine’s largest solo exhibition to date.

Olaf Heine is internationally known for his enigmatic and richly detailed portraits of musicians, actors, writers, visual artists and athletes, as well as impressive architectural and landscape photography. Heine’s first assignments were for album covers of friends – including Terry Hoax and Fury in the Slaughterhouse – and were once the deciding factor for him to begin a Press Contact Alina Heinze CAMERA WORK – Kantstraße 149 – 10623 Berlin Tel.: +49 (0)30 310077-73 E-Mail: training as a photographer and communication designer at the renowned Berlin LeEe-Verein. His international breakthrough came with his move to Los Angeles in the late 1990s. Since then, he has created world-famous portraits of personalities such as U2, Nick Cave, Cate BlancheE, Jared Leto, Bret Easton Ellis, Julian Schnabel, John Baldessari, Snoop Dog, Anthony Kiedis and Jon Bon Jovi. Olaf Heine also established himself as a director for award-winning music videos, short films and commercials. His aest[k has decisively shaped the visual language of countless bands, including Die Ärzte and Rammstein, as part of their many years of collaboration.

»There is a certain something that I have encountered in young male ar6sts from Berlin. A kind of inner toughness and a dogged determina6on to complete fully whatever it is they’re doing — to go all the way. […] Olaf is blessed with a clear and inescapable German eye. You beGer run, or fight back« Iggy Pop

Accompanying the exhibition is the career-spanning monograph “Olaf Heine: Human Condi[ons” is available (55 euros, Prestel Verlag). The photo volume comprises an impressive selection of almost 100 works by the artist from the years 2000-2022 and focuses on the crea[ven process.

“Man seems to find the highest fulfilment of his existence in the search for knowledge, in crea6ve, in communica6on and in communal interac6on. This has been the focus of my work for the last twenty years. I wanted to find out something about the human being and summarise in a book when and in what these especially crea6ve people find their fulfilment.” Olaf Heine about the exhibition

»Human Condi[ons« ist nach »Leaving The Comfort Zone« (2008, Hatje Cantz), »I Love You But I’ve Chosen Rock« (2010, Hatje Cantz), »Brazil« (2014, teNeues) und »Rwandan Daughters« (2019, Hatje Cantz), der fünie Fotoband des Fotografen. Olaf Heines Fotografien sind in zahlreichen renommierten privaten und öffentlichen Sammlungen vertreten und werden weltweit in Museen und auf Kunstmessen ausgestellt.

Openning: 26. November 2022 at 15:00

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 5th February to Saturday, 12th March 2022

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Title image: Olaf Heine

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