post-title Michael Rott | beyond noses | Galerie Mutare | 10.02.-19.03.2023

Michael Rott | beyond noses | Galerie Mutare | 10.02.-19.03.2023

Michael Rott | beyond noses | Galerie Mutare | 10.02.-19.03.2023

Michael Rott | beyond noses | Galerie Mutare | 10.02.-19.03.2023

until 19.03. | #3776ARTatBerlin | Galerie mutare presents from 10 February 2023 the exhibition “beyond noses” by artist Michael Rott.

Amidst fine strokes, forms that seem random and precisely because of this create virtuoso images in abstract figures whose details resonate the longer they are viewed – works by Michael Rott

Colours that seem to emerge from the moment…, they open up whole worlds for the viewer, sometimes consisting of small miniatures and sometimes depicting the colour and form impact of an entire cosmos – painted poetry. The contrast is not so much the colours, but rather the artist Michael Rott’s statements, which allow his pictures to be loud and, in contrast, can and may also be very quiet.

If life were to be summed up in everything, the result would be a sea filled with colours that bring abstract figures and forms to light. Rott’s works, apart from the poetry that is inherent in them, are sometimes small and large gems when viewed individually, but also together, which unfold their uniqueness through the design and the longer the gaze is fixed on them.

On canvases, but especially on works on paper, one can marvel at how much dedication and painstaking work can be found in each individual picture with its numerous details – the more the eyes search and find when recognising them.

Some of the pastel colours seem like spirit beings attached to them, musical-looking figures that soften the distances and contrasts and soften them by adding a harmonious, almost transparent touch. The more often the different works are viewed, the more an overall context of the exhibition seems dispensable, an exhibition that is shown under the title “Beyond Noses”. It is perceiving the motifs with all the senses.

Background: Michael Rott was born in Koblenz on the Rhine and initially studied literature, German and philosophy in Bonn and Berlin. He has devoted himself increasingly to painting since the 1990s. Working with other materials, such as clay, was added in the course of his artistic work and condensed the possibility of his expression. His micrograms, within which he creates entire landscapes and structures through fine lines and forms, whose richness of detail only reveals itself after close and prolonged observation, attract great attention.

Exhibition dates: Friday, 10. February to Sunday, 19. March 2023

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Caption title: Michael Rott, o.T. (1), Oil on Canvas, 2018

Exhibition Michael Rott – Galerie Mutare | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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