post-title Mathias Hornung + Lars Fischedick | Foreign Interferenz | Galerie Z22 | 18.05.-22.06.2019

Mathias Hornung + Lars Fischedick | Foreign Interferenz | Galerie Z22 | 18.05.-22.06.2019

Mathias Hornung + Lars Fischedick | Foreign Interferenz | Galerie Z22 | 18.05.-22.06.2019

Mathias Hornung + Lars Fischedick | Foreign Interferenz | Galerie Z22 | 18.05.-22.06.2019

until 22.06. | #2475ARTatBerlin | Galerie Z22 shows from 18th May 2019 the exhibition Foreign Interferenz with artworks by Mathias Hornung and Lars Fischedick. 

Foreign Interferenz is a multimedia exhibition that is the result of international cooperation. Lars J. Fischedick (Cape Town) invited his German colleague – Mathias Hornung (Berlin) – to work together in the industrial area of the Corbeau building in Cape Town. They have dealt with the dynamics of foreignness – with the space, the place and the practice of the other.

The term “interference” has both negative and positive connotations: In music it describes the layered collision of sound waves, but in a political context it means a corrupting influence. How can interference manifest itself in a non-objective artistic language, and what happens when two different voices work on a project?

The linguistic interplay of English and German terms in the title refers to a tension between acoustic patterns and cultural values, between science and the existential.

The project will be shown after a stopover at Galerie Z22 in Johannisburg in late autumn.

Mathias Hornung + Lars Fischedick

Vernissage: Saturday, 18 May 2019, 7:00 p.m.

Ausstellungsdaten: Saturday, 18 May – Saturday, 22nd June 2019

Musique en Galerie: Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 7:00 p.m. Barbara Berg, Soprano + Daniel Pacitti, Bandoneon

The bandoneonist Daniel Pacitti and the soprano Barbara Berg are an unusual duo: Daniel Pacitti was born in Argentina and began his musical career originally as a clarinettist in Buenos Aires, but discovered his passion for the bandoneon early on. He has worked successfully as a musician and conductor, as well as artistic and musical director of orchestras in Moldavia and Lombardy, in numerous international venues such as Milan, Paris and Berlin. His compositions have received international acclaim, including a symphonic version of Ramirez’s Misa criolla, chamber music and sacred works, such as an oratorio on Martin Luther, which premiered in 2017 at the Berlin Philharmonic on the occasion of the anniversary of the Reformation.

While Daniel Pacitti is deeply connected with the musical folk music tradition of South America through the bandoneon, for example the tangos of Astor Piazzolla, and draws inspiration for his own compositions from them, Barbara Berg is a renowned concert soprano. She studied classical singing with Professor Julie Kaufmann in her hometown Berlin. There she holds half a position with the Rundfunkchor Berlin and is also a successful soloist. She sang several times in the Berliner Philharmonie and was also soloist of the Berliner Philharmoniker under Sir Simon Rattle, in the Berliner Dom and the Konzerthaus Berlin, but also nationally and internationally. She regularly works on chamber music programmes and scenic projects. She discovered her love of Latin American music through Ramirez’s Misa criolla and began to sing tango programmes.

Combining all these aspects creates a unique blend of styles from both classical European and South American popular music. Thus these two exceptional musicians draw on their rich tradition and experience to create completely new programs and explore the dimensions of the different interplay of bandoneon and voice.  Their repertoire ranges from baroque to modern, from religious settings to tango and classics of musicals or modern light literature. Highly musical and passionate, they create extraordinary, touching concert experiences.

Admission to Musique en Galerie: 12,00 €

Zur Galerie Z22


Image caption: Courtesy of Galerie Z22 – Mathias Hornung + Lars Fischedick

Exhibition Mathias Hornung + Lars Fischedick – Galerie Z22 | Contemporary Art – Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin


Note this #opening for TODAY, 6th April, 7 pm in Wilmersdorf!
POSITION RED | Group Exhibition | Galerie Z22 | 06.04.-11.05.2019
#2420ARTatBerlin | Galerie Z22 @galerie_z22 presents the exhibition POSITION RED with works by 15 different artists from April 6, 2019. The basic colour red is a signal colour with numerous connotations, also across the history of art. Gallery Z22 invites the following artists to take a position on the color red - POSITION RED: Jonathan Apelbaum, Andrea Aupers, Katerina Belkina, Hardy Brackmann, Giuliana Del Zanna, Francesco Fasolato, Tomasz Fudala, SIMON PELE GROß, VLADA HAUSER, Andrey Kezzyn, JINRAN KIM, ERIC MASSHOLDER, DMYTRO MIROSHNICHENKO, Immanuel Rohringer, Konstantin Schneider (Special Guest) ... MORE SEE LINK BELOW: ----- #Vernissage HEUTE, 6.4. ab 19 Uhr!
POSITION RED | Gruppenausstellung | Galerie Z22 | 06.04.-11.05.2019
#2420ARTatBerlin | Galerie Z22 @galerie_z22 präsentiert ab 6. April 2019 die Ausstellung POSITION RED mit Arbeiten von 15 verschiedenen Künstlerinnen und Künstlern. Die Grundfarbe Rot ist eine Signalfarbe mit zahlreichen Konnotationen, auch quer durch die Kunstgeschichte. Die Galerie Z22 lädt folgende Künstlerinnen und Künstler ein, die Position beziehen zur Farbe Rot- POSITION RED: JONATHAN APELBAUM, ANDREA AUPERS, KATERINA BELKINA, HARDY BRACKMANN, GIULIANA DEL ZANNA, FRANCESCO FASOLATO, TOMASZ FUDALA, SIMON PELE GROß, VLADA HAUSER, ANDREY KEZZYN, JINRAN KIM, ERIC MASSHOLDER, DMYTRO MIROSHNICHENKO, IMMANUEL ROHRINGER, KONSTANTIN SCHNEIDER (Special Guest) ... MEHR HIER:
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