post-title Mariella Ridda + Rose Eisen | Galerie Z22 | 16.03.-07.04.2018

Mariella Ridda + Rose Eisen | Galerie Z22 | 16.03.-07.04.2018

Mariella Ridda + Rose Eisen | Galerie Z22 | 16.03.-07.04.2018

Mariella Ridda + Rose Eisen | Galerie Z22 | 16.03.-07.04.2018

until 07.04. | #1905ARTatBerlin | Galerie Z22 shows from 16th March 2018 in a double exhibition paintings by the artist Mariella Ridda under the title “Umarmung” (> “Embrace”) and Photography by the artist Rose Eisen under the title “Die Farbe der Frau” (> “The Color of the Woman”). 

The color of the woman

The photography by Rose Eisen

“The charm of a woman can reveal a lot about art to an artist.”

Rose Eisen has translated this quotation of the French painter Pierre Bonnard into her photography: she uses simple props, fruit and plants, colors, shadows and light to collage them from motifs of European art history from Dürer to Lovis Corinth and Max Beckmann and from photographic images of the stars from the Hollywood dream factory new images, reminiscent of the still life painted with the camera. And she discovers not only new sides of photography, but also new facets of women: Rose Eisen combines the traditional view of – male – artists on the woman as muse, model and mistress with a new emancipated female self – image, which pays homage to femininity instead of satisfying a male voyeur. Where the icons of the film and the Old Masters did not serve her as a stimulus, the photographer takes herself as a model without revealing her persona.

As technical equipment Rose Eisen uses a Lumix digital camera with a Leica lens, which guarantees her a subtle accuracy and a high image resolution. However, the photographer refuses subsequent computer image processing, whose images are instinctively inspired by light and colors.


The paintings by Mariella Ridda

The colors of Ridda have a defined, strong character. They shine in the background, they emanate from image figures as an expression of strong feelings that represents Ridda. They are intense colors with strong materiality, so there is no escape. The topics are passions, attachments, emotions: love, sadness, joy, the symbiosis between man and woman, bond between homosexual couples.

Vernissage: Thursday, 16th March 2018, 07:00 – 09:00 p.m.

Exhibition period:  Friday, 16th November to Saturday, 7th April 2018

Zur Galerie Z22


Image caption: Courtesy Galerie Z22 – Mariella Ridda (links) + Rose Eisen (rechts)

Exhibition Mariella Ridda + Rose Eisen – Galerie Z22 | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin





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