post-title Marc Jung | GERMAN DREAM | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 15.02.-09.03.2019

Marc Jung | GERMAN DREAM | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 15.02.-09.03.2019

Marc Jung | GERMAN DREAM | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 15.02.-09.03.2019

Marc Jung | GERMAN DREAM | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 15.02.-09.03.2019

until 09.03. | #2352ARTatBerlin | EIGENHEIM Berlin shows from 15th February 2019 the exhibition GERMAN DREAM by the artist Marc Jung. Accompanying this, works by the artist Lars Wild will be shown in the newly created salon of the Eigenheim Gallery.


Marc Jung (*1985 in Erfurt) is a visual artist. He lives and works in Erfurt and Berlin. Jung studied fine arts at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and completed his master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden.

The work of Marc Jung is characterized by a fight between rules and anarchy, between harmony and destruction. His pictorial agenda being a social sweeping blow, it also contains reminiscences of Grosz and Dix,; and his direct and naive style catapults Basquiat’s expression into the Here and Now. His composition is a deconstruction beyond recognition of painters like Bacon and Velasquez. In doing so, he combines the dirt of today’s street with the heroes and conceptual theories of established classical painting, easily breaking down traditional genre boundaries.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Eigenheim Berlin - Marc Jung - 2016
Marc Jung, BACON AND EGGX, 2016, mixed media on canvas, 200 x 150 cm

Jung is a complete realist who has made everyday madness his theme and depicts it in his very own sarcastic and ironic way. For him, art is the gigantic funnel of an oversized meat grinder that sucks up all his daily observations, sausages them and spits something out that brings the multi-layered reality around us to a common denominator. When art does this job, it doesn’t have to be beautiful, it just has to be honest – like a knockout.

Marc Jung, BLINDED BY THE LIGHTS, 2017, mixed media on canvas, 150 x 200 cm

Marc Jung has already been represented in countless national and international exhibitions. He sells his paintings all over the world and is part of several public collections (e.g. Angermuseum Erfurt, Kunstsammlung Jena, Thüringer Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur). In the course of the last years the broad media became attentive to Marc Jung and adorn themselves with his works. In 2016 he was commissioned by Facebook to paint a 36m long mural for the new office at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Last year, the magazines ART and Der Spiegel awarded him prominent articles. And in September 2018, Johannes Laubmeier asked for a cover story in the culture magazine of the Berliner Tagesspiegel: “Marc Jung…will he be the next Painter Prince? … And why is he setting such a pace?”

2018, mixed media on canvas, 120 x 90 cm

2019, mixed media on canvas, 200 x 150 cm


The exhibition GOLDLAUTER by the artist Lars Wild will also be shown in the newly created Salon of the Galerie Eigenheim Berlin. Goldlauter – a secluded resort at the foot of the Great Beerberg, on the southern slope of the scenic Thuringian Forest, is in this case not only the location of the origin of this series, but also a metaphor for a place of retreat and contemplation, spiritual purification and oblivion of the world.

Plakat GOLDLAUTER zur Ausstellung von Lars Wild

The gloomy landscapes balance between the fateful impact of a comet or the crash of an airship and the idyllic peace of a lake landscape or an abandoned holiday resort. The scenes, however, are not borrowed from a real existing model, but originate solely from the painter’s imagination. Above all, there seems to be a serious question of existence. Mystically dark, dream-like states are depicted and cast a spell over the viewer. This exhibition ends on 27.02.2019.

Flyer Goldlauter zur Ausstellung von Lars Wild

Vernissage: Friday, 15th February 2019, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 15th February to Saturday, 9th March 2019 (Marc Jung) and to Wednesday, 27th February (Lars Wild)

Zur Galerie Eigenheim


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