post-title many titles | Group show | galerie probst | from 07.07.2022

many titles | Group show | galerie probst | from 07.07.2022

many titles | Group show | galerie probst | from 07.07.2022

many titles | Group show | galerie probst | from 07.07.2022

until (to follow) | #3513ARTatBerlin | galerie probst presents from 7. July 2022 the group exhibition “many titles” by the young artists Elisa Lohmüller, Mariella Kerscher, Viktoria Maliar, Erik Schubert, Jaro Seemann and Konstantin Rosenkranz.

On display are figurative, abstract and monochrome works from the genres of painting, mixed media and sculpture. The unification of the stylistically and thematically heterogeneous works within the framework of the exhibition is the result of an “open call” that took place in advance, to which 95 students and graduates of the fine arts with different academic backgrounds from all over Germany applied.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of galerie probst - Elisa Lohmüller - o.T.
Elisa Lohmüller, untitled

With this exhibition, galerie probst provides a concentrated insight into outstanding young art. Its aim is to provide a platform and a mouthpiece for individual dialogue for artists who are still at the beginning of their artistic journey and to promote them in this way. The selection of the artists was made according to a points system of the probst gallery and was based, among other things, on the visual language, the professional training and the artistic potential. In order to grant the greatest possible autonomy, the content and formal application requirements were kept to a minimum, which resulted in a particularly exciting diversity:

ART at Berlin - courtesy of galerie probst - Erik Schubert - Femina
Erik Schubert, Femina

Thus, Elisa Lohmüller‘s work reflects both a distinctly conceptual side and a love of experimentation, combined with a great openness. In her abstract works, in which she deals with themes of togetherness and loneliness, she uses her body weight as a brush for the processing of glycerine. Erik Schubert uses canvas as a support material. In his realistic painting, he deals with the phenomenon of the suppression and fading out of violence. “Besides forms of violence in the narrower sense or on an interstate level, I am also interested in the interplay of interest or identity groups and their striving for a shift in norms within a society.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of galerie probst - Konstantin Rosenkranz - untitled
Konstantin Rosenkranz, untitled, 70x50cm

Mariella Kerscher explores transience in nature and culture. She works with symbols of birth and death, some of which are still unfamiliar, such as pig hearts or placentas. Organs are dissected and elevated to the status of relic, symbol and relic. In drawings, paintings, videos and 3D prints, she experiments with different techniques of preservation and backup of moments of growth and decay. Viktoria Maliar creates, among other things, fictional portraits in oil on canvas. Her figurative paintings are convincing in their craftsmanship and artistic ability. “I take the inspiration for my art from the times which, in my opinion, were the high points of European culture – antiquity, the Renaissance and Romanticism”.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of galerie probst - Viktoria Maliar - Palmenzweig
Viktoria Maliar, Palmenzweig

Jaro Seemann played ice hockey at a professional level until the age of 22. Fascinated and driven by movement, Jaro Seemann, dressed in his ice hockey gear, translates physical sensations into large-scale abstract paper works. “in doing so, I try to express the power that flows through my body when I play on the ice and bring it together with the also very physical experience of drawing.” The results are large-format abstract paper works in which the energetic impulses of his movements become visible to the eye by means of acrylic paints and graphite black powder. Konstantin Rosenkranz brings colour into movement in his monochrome works. “For me, colour is a phenomenon just like surfaces, structures, lights and gradients.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of galerie probst - Jaro Seemann - Lunges
Jaro Seemann, Lunges

With “many titles”, Galerie Probst offers art collectors and art investors a professional pre-selection of potential renowned artists of tomorrow.

Exhibition dates: from Thursday, 7 July 2022. End open (approx. 3 months duration)

Please note the SUMMER BREAK: Saturday, 23 July to Sunday, 7 August 2022!

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Image caption title: Mariella Kerscher, Placenta 8.stl, 2022, oil on canvas, 120×100

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