post-title Käthe Kruse | Texte und Töne | ZWINGER Galerie | 08.04.-10.06.2023

Käthe Kruse | Texte und Töne | ZWINGER Galerie | 08.04.-10.06.2023

Käthe Kruse | Texte und Töne | ZWINGER Galerie | 08.04.-10.06.2023

Käthe Kruse | Texte und Töne | ZWINGER Galerie | 08.04.-10.06.2023

until 10.06. | #3834ARTatBerlin | ZWINGER Galerie shows from 8th April 2023 the exhibition Texte und Töne by the artist Käthe Kruse.

Tanz im Quadrat, Über-Mutti, Südwestwind – Glockengeläut, Kavaliere, these are the titles of some of the songs that Käthe Kruse sang live, played on drums or guitar as a member of Die Tödliche Doris between 1982 and 1987. Lyrics and instruments now appear transformed into artifacts of idiosyncratic aesthetics. The texts, printed on clattering and reflecting steel sheets, hang as mobiles from the ceiling and redefine the space, while the then dilettantishly battered instruments, now covered with leather, are robbed of their noise and banging in favor of a never-before-heard, dull, distance-creating sound. But what virtuoso tries his hand at a leather-covered violin and who drinks from a fur cup?

Marianne shouldn’t drink so many cocktails.
She then no longer knows what she is talking about.
Like this afternoon, for example,
that was superfluous.

How far does a 1000 meter long polyester thread reach when sewn in parallel lines on a DinA4 watercolor paper? An experiment that Käthe Kruse carried out consistently in 2021/22. And that in 48 colors, and an edition of eight sheets each. The result is 384 monochrome drawings in a delicately graduated color spectrum, which can be seen as a wall-filling installation in the exhibition.

* Text: Tabea Blumenschein

Opening: Thursday, 6. April , 2023, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 8. April– Wednesday, 10. June 2023

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Bildunterschrift: courtesy of Zwinger Galerie

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