post-title Johannes Hewel | Leben und Tiefe | Galerie Horst Dietrich | 30.03.–22.04.2023

Johannes Hewel | Leben und Tiefe | Galerie Horst Dietrich | 30.03.–22.04.2023

Johannes Hewel | Leben und Tiefe | Galerie Horst Dietrich | 30.03.–22.04.2023

Johannes Hewel | Leben und Tiefe | Galerie Horst Dietrich | 30.03.–22.04.2023

until 22.04. | #3835ARTatBerlin | Galerie Horst Dietrich presents from March 30, 2023 the exhibition “Leben und Tiefe” of the artist Johannes Hewel.

The current exhibition “Life and Depth” deals with artists Wolf Spies and Johannes Hewel, who have entirely different techniques and works, but have similarities in the effect. Finally, both can be seen together in one gallery. For both artists were connected by a common educational time and friendship.

ART at Berlin - Johannes Hewel - Wolf Spies Wolf Spies, “der Reisende”, 1983, Watercolor on cardboard, framed 50x70cm

Wolf Spies collages consist of small pieces of paper, cutouts, which are glued to each other u. over each other, slightly overhanging in the tips. These then form color combinations and elements from nature and the mind games but also feelings and coexistence of man and animal such as protection, melancholy and faith.

It is similar with his drawings, prints that are no less powerful. Noticeably it is about love, connections, expression and the essential of life and the written word. Wolf Spie’s watercolors appear light and at the same time powerful with their pastel tones. A close look reveals geometric shapes in some works and depths to different worlds of thought and ways of looking at life open up in each work of art in the exhibition.

ART at Berlin - Johannes Hewel - Wolf Spies 2Wolf Spies, o.T., Collage, 2007-04, 88x70cm; o.T., Collage/ Handschrift, 2007-05, 100x70cm

Johannes Hewel’s main works in the exhibition fit in with this and are at the same time a small homage to the Horst Dietrich Gallery and a skilful stimulus to philosophize about ways of seeing color. The artist’s linocuts reflect society and criticism of it, but are always harmonious and reduced to the bare essentials. His works in glass also reflect this.

Together, the collages, portfolios and watercolors with the linocuts, glass works result in an interplay of different impressions of everyday life.

Wolf Spies and Johannes Hewel encourage the “What is?”, “What is essential?”, “What is done and is significant?”, to finally get to the bottom once again.

Exhibition dates: Thursday, March 30 to Saturday, April 22 2023

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Image caption: Johannes Hewel, Edition 3/92, Basel, 3 farbige Linolschnitte (Unikate), 1992; Buch „Elvis on stage“ mit 13 Linols, 1985/90, Nr.3/5

Exhibition Johannes Hewel – Galerie Horst Dietrich | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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