post-title Juha Sääski | Scandlich / Shameful | TOOLBOX | 27.08.-24.09.2016

Juha Sääski | Scandlich / Shameful | TOOLBOX | 27.08.-24.09.2016

Juha Sääski | Scandlich / Shameful | TOOLBOX | 27.08.-24.09.2016

Juha Sääski | Scandlich / Shameful | TOOLBOX | 27.08.-24.09.2016

bis 24.09. | #0655ARTatBerlin | The Finnish-German Art Space TOOLBOX shows from the 27th August the exhibition “Scandlich / Shameful” by the artist Juha Sääski.

In Juha Sääski’s paintings shame is put in an appearance through social phenomenons and gender role models. The concept of shame is changing continuously; the things that used to be shameful twenty years ago, are not necessarily shameful today.
Among other factors reality television has changed the culture, hiding shame has become making it public.

In Sääski’s paintings shameful means for instance how we have let the structures of our societies change under command of economy at the expense of human values, dreams and future hope.
A limited amount of humour in Sääski’s paintings is acting as a symbol of hope.

Juha Sääski is showing distanced metaphors of different forms of shame and its social connections through surreal and absurd associations. But nevertheless they are not too far removed from the view of everyday life.
The cliches and naive elements used by Sääski are included in the means of comedy, which show the nature of things and phenomenons in a new, but not a joking viewpoint. Sääski’s aim in juxtaposing the tragicomic, contrary elements is to express the paradox of human existence universally applicable.

Juha Sääski is a Finnish visual artist, who has arranged five solo exhibitions in Germany: Nuremberg, Ulm and Berlin. This exhibition is his third in Berlin. Sääski has participated in eight group exhibitions in Germany, for instance in Munich, Berlin, Viernheim, Mannheim and in Ludwig Museum Koblenz.

Vernissage: Friday, 26th August 2016, 7 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 27th August to Saturday, 24th September 2016

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Image caption: Copyright © 2016 Toolbox Art Space, All rights reserved.

Exhibition Juha Sääski – TOOLBOX – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin


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