here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Juha Sääski | From Streets and Screens | Toolbox | Finnisch deutscher Projektraum Berlin | 27.10.–18.11.2017

until 18.11. | #1699ARTatBerlin | Toolbox presents from 27th October 2017 the exhibition “From Streets and Screens” with photo collages and photographs by the artist Juha Sääski. The exhibition consists of three different parts whose unifying element is an aesthetic one: photo collages and photographs (motifs from the street) and photo collages (motifs from screens). Motifs from […]

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Nachstein | group exhibition | Toolbox | 29.07.-19.08.2017

until 19.08. | #1486ARTatBerlin | Toolbox shows from 29th July 2017 the group exhibition “Nachstein”. With the artists: Maija Helasvuo, Minna Jatkola, Mika Karhu, Juha Sääski, Andreas Wolf, Jyri Ala-Ruona, Alexander Horn, Ritva Larsson, Ville Mäkikoskela, Noora Nio-Juss, Erkki Nampajärvi, Jussi Pyky, Jyrki Riekki, Ilkka Sariola, Uwe Sennert. Vernissage: Friday, 28th July 2017, at 07:00 […]

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Geradewohl | Abstract Drawaing Exhibition | Toolbox | 24.02.–23.03.2017

until 23.03. | #1087ARTatBerlin | Toolbox shows from 24th February 2017 the group exhibition “Geradewohl” with abtsract Drawings. With the artists: Alex Lebus, Alexander Klenz, Andreas Koletzki, AnnaLeonhardt, Arne Schreiber, Barbara Hindahl, Elisabeth Rosenthal, Florian Japp, Hanna Hennenkemper, Ilona Kálnoky, Kazuki Nakahara, Lawrence Power, Nadine Fecht, Stefan Vogel, Stig Baumgartner and Yasmin Alt. Vernissage: Friday, 24th February 2017, 7 p.m. […]

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Reijo Kärkkäinen | Killer on the beach | Toolbox | 30.12.-01.01.2017

until 01.01. | #0961ARTatBerlin | Toolbox presents from 30th December 2016 the exhibition “Killer on the beach” by the artist Künstlers Reijo Kärkkäinen. Drawing is thinking – mostly chaos. Sometimes I’m happily surprised: Did I really created that. Reijo Kärkkäinen (b.1964) is a Finnish artist who graduated as Bachelor of Arts from University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. Kärkkäinen […]

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Juha Sääski | Scandlich / Shameful | TOOLBOX | 27.08.-24.09.2016

bis 24.09. | #0655ARTatBerlin | The Finnish-German Art Space TOOLBOX shows from the 27th August the exhibition “Scandlich / Shameful” by the artist Juha Sääski. In Juha Sääski’s paintings shame is put in an appearance through social phenomenons and gender role models. The concept of shame is changing continuously; the things that used to be shameful twenty years […]

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