post-title Jorinde Voigt | Trade Area | Klosterfelde Edition | 28.04.-29.06.2023

Jorinde Voigt | Trade Area | Klosterfelde Edition | 28.04.-29.06.2023

Jorinde Voigt | Trade Area | Klosterfelde Edition | 28.04.-29.06.2023

Jorinde Voigt | Trade Area | Klosterfelde Edition | 28.04.-29.06.2023

until 29.06. | #3859ARTatBerlin | Klosterfelde Edition presents from 28. April 2023 the exhibition Trade Area of the artist Jorinde Voigt.

“Trade Area” will center around a collection of original studies by Jorinde Voigt, dating from 2005-2010. These drawings, primarily created with ink and pencil on graph paper, will be showcased as a cohesive body of work for the very first time. They form the conceptual foundation of the artist’s practice.

The exhibition will also feature a selection of Jorinde Voigt’s more recent work, providing a unique opportunity to witness the evolution of the artist’s oeuvre.

Drawing possesses a fleeting quality. A liminal and unfixed space, it is always on the verge of becoming. While classical definitions of drawing align more with the notion of study or preparation, the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy conceives of drawing as an end in itself, a perceptual attitude, describing it as the “opening of form.” Nancy understands opening in the sense of a beginning, departure, or origin and also as “an availability or inherent capacity.” This notion of opening, or departure, seems fitting for Jorinde Voigt’s exhibition Trade Area, which assembles approximately sixty works made between 2009 and 2020 that trace the development of her diagrammatic explorations of perception and observation.

Often undertaken in spaces beyond the artist’s Berlin studio, these intimate works emerge from Voigt’s absorption in other contexts and her concomitant attempt to find a visual language to convey the sounds, interactions, sensations, and associations experienced therein. For nearly two decades, Voigt’s philosophically inflected artistic practice has engaged questions of consciousness, sensation, and presence to articulate graphic systems that sort her impressions of the world. Whether taking the form of frenetic ink markings on graph paper or smooth washes of oil crayon and pencil, these works share an investment in making an idea or a mood tangible and visible—and therefore traversing the boundaries between visible and invisible worlds…(from the exhibition text by Jesi Khadisi)

Opening: Friday, 28. April 2023, 6 pm- 9 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 29. April until Thursday, 29. June 2023

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Image caption: Jorinde Voigt, Trade Area VII, 2009, Ink and pencil on graph paper, 29 x 42 cm, © Jorinde Voigt / VG Bild-Kunst

Exhibition Jorinde Voigt – Klosterfelde Edition | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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