post-title Jana Schulz | being on concrete | EIGEN + ART Lab | 15.01.-22.02.2020

Jana Schulz | being on concrete | EIGEN + ART Lab | 15.01.-22.02.2020

Jana Schulz | being on concrete | EIGEN + ART Lab | 15.01.-22.02.2020

Jana Schulz | being on concrete | EIGEN + ART Lab | 15.01.-22.02.2020

until 22.02. | #2667ARTatBerlin | EIGEN + ART Lab presents from 15th January 2020 the exhibition being on concrete by the artist Jana Schulz.

Greasy, well-thumbed $1 notes pass through large, brawny hands, are counted, then passed on. Tiny gestures and motions repeatedly send information, give, take, reject, and demand. Cautiously involved in this group of men, the camera witnesses the transactions, the familiar relations, and the routinized sequences.

„If exchange is the criterion of generality, theft and gift are those of repetition.“

With Jana Schulz, camera always means camerawoman; after all, this apparatus provides her (and, with her, a female viewpoint) access to circles that would otherwise remain blocked to her or whose habitus would completely change in her presence: groups of young boxers, street dancers, all of them all-male brotherhoods in which every training is always simultaneously practice in an image of masculinity that has meanwhile been absolutely justifiably branded as toxic. But Schulz is far from accusingly documenting mechanisms that we all already know. Rather, she records all these routine, eternally repeated units that form seemingly self-evident stances and self-understandings and – with her very cautious, almost intimate, insistent camera work that constantly shifts between proximity and distance, extreme concentration and indifferent casualness – thereby creates an open access to her subjects.

„Repetition as a conduct and as a point of view concerns non-exchangeable (…) singularities.“[1]

Excerpt from the text by Moritz Scheper

[1] All quotes from Deleuze Difference and Repetition.

Vernissage: Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 5:00 – 9:00 pm

Exhibition period: Wednesday, 15th January – Saturday, 22nd February 2020

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Image caption: Jana Schulz, being on concrete (counting money, observing Dijon), 2019, 2-channel projection, HD videos, colour, sound, 05:19 min., 06:13 min.

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