post-title HIDDEN FLAMES – Nude Art | Hazegallery | 09.02.-18.02.2023

HIDDEN FLAMES – Nude Art | Hazegallery | 09.02.-18.02.2023

HIDDEN FLAMES – Nude Art | Hazegallery | 09.02.-18.02.2023

HIDDEN FLAMES – Nude Art | Hazegallery | 09.02.-18.02.2023

until 18.02. | #3789ARTatBerlin | HazeGallery shows from 9. February 2023 the exhibition HIDDEN FLAMES, a group show with painting and photography on the theme of Nude Art.

“What mind is so empty and blind that it cannot see that the foot is nobler than the shoe and the skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?”
– Michelangelo

The history of nudity in art is never uniform, as different societies and cultures have embraced nude scenes to varying degrees over the centuries. In fact, nudity in art reflects the social norms of a particular time and place and relates to the way things are portrayed, which is inextricably linked to the notion of what is right or wrong to portray. While nudity is often associated with blatant sexuality, it can also have other meanings, so it is linked to interpretations from mythology and religion, but also from anatomy and science. These diverse approaches have meant that the nude has been and continues to be the subject of various forms of representation in Western art history.

ART at Berlin - Haze Gallery - Ana-Bathe-Lake-Blossom-01
Ana Bathe, Lake Blossom

Contemporary artists can depict nudity either by referring to the great pictorial tradition of the past or by expressing themselves through free and innovative ways of seeing. In either case, the aim of such an exploration with the theme of nudity is to recognise the semblance of what the artist believes could express the purest idea of beauty, capable of enlivening, fascinating, attracting and stimulating the imagination.

ART at Berlin - Haze Gallery - Lucas-Ngo-Selene-02
Lucas Ngo, Selene

In this context, the participating artists will explore the theme of nudity, female and male, in a contemporary context.

Participating artists:

Ana Bathe
Ute Manoloudakis
Daniel Borg
Gilberto Giardini
Alexander Ivashkevich
Еkaterina Denisova
Danaja Nemtzowa
Sander Vos
Paul Kormašov
Kristina Popow
Lucas Ngo
Valeriia Burliuk

ART at Berlin - Haze Gallery - Valeriia-Burliuk-Sacrifice-4
Valeriia Burliuk, Sacrifice

3D participating artists:

Ute Manoloudakis
Gilberto Giardini
Helena von Schell
Alexander Iwaschkewitsch
Еkaterina Denisova

VernissageThursday, 9. February 2023, from 7:00 Uhr

Exhibition period: Thursday, 9. February to Saturday, 18. February 2023

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