post-title Hans Feurer | CAMERA WORK | 02.10.–30.10.2021

Hans Feurer | CAMERA WORK | 02.10.–30.10.2021

Hans Feurer | CAMERA WORK | 02.10.–30.10.2021

Hans Feurer | CAMERA WORK | 02.10.–30.10.2021

until 30.10. | #3191ARTatBerlin | CAMERA WORK shows from 2nd October 2021 the solo exhibition by the photographer Hans Feurer, which with more than 40, partly large-format works, provides insight into the creative work of the internationally renowned photographer and traces the development of fashion photography exemplarily.

This is Hans Feurer’s second solo exhibition at CAMERA WORK after 2017. Hans Feurer was born in Switzerland in 1939 and, after studying art in the 1960s, worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and artistic director in the UK. During a two-year journey through Africa from 1965-67, he developed a pronounced passion for photography, which he professionalised from then on. His international breakthrough came the following year. From then on, his work was published in leading magazines such as “Vogue”, “Nova”, “Elle” and “Twen”. To this day, Hans Feurer works in fashion photography and travels to the remotest countries of the world to do so. His works are represented in numerous renowned art collections and are presented in museum exhibitions. The Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf, for example, is currently showing the exhibition “CAPTIVATE!” curated by Claudia Schiffer on fashion photography of the 1990s. The supermodel has also selected her very personal favourite portraits by Hans Feurer for this exhibition.

Hans Feurer shows women as fighters who are much stronger than men. He stages his “dream projections” only with natural light – even in night shots. This is how his own, unpretentious signature is formed, which has a high recognition value. Bright colours, strong contrasts, but above all also the narrative determine his works. Thus, the development of fashion history can also be read from the exhibited works, for Feurer does not remain bound to the time of his professional beginnings, but moves forward with it, remaining true to himself. In this way, he masterfully captures the zeitgeist of each decade. His love of the craft of photography is above all due to his love of life, and he makes this philosophy tangible for the viewer in his pictures.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 2nd October – Sunday, 30th October, 2021

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