post-title NATURALE SYSTEME | Galerie ART CRU | 15.06.-14.07.2018

NATURALE SYSTEME | Galerie ART CRU | 15.06.-14.07.2018

NATURALE SYSTEME | Galerie ART CRU | 15.06.-14.07.2018

NATURALE SYSTEME | Galerie ART CRU | 15.06.-14.07.2018

until 14.07. | #2052ARTatBerlin | Galerie ART CRU shows from 15th June 2018 the exhibition NATURALE SYSTEME with artworks by Haci Sami Yaman and Beatrice Guder.

The images of Haci Sami Yaman are high-contrast compositions of different points, lines, lines and calligraphic elements that do not seem to obey at first glance rules to follow. They arrange themselves into patterns or forms, structures and streams emerge that convey a very unique fascination. The images seem to vibrate, charged with a variety of resonant meanings and pulsating energies. At the same time, they resemble aerial photographs or suggest sketches by landscape architects. The exciting effect of the images is enhanced when you know that Yaman is an almost blind artist. At his work he has special acrylic pencils available. When applying paint, the artist may, for example, by pressing these pins particularly hard or by tapping. Yaman, who has been a frequent contributor to the Open Studio for almost two years, likes to share the underlying theories of energy, how switch systems work, and other philosophical-technical thought-concepts. “He talks about systems, circuits, planetary structures. Of complex interactions, currents and electrification. His pictures are networks, pixelations, data processing. He describes levels and levels, programming, amplifiers “, says Paula Schmidt-Dudek, the director of the open studio St. Hedwig.

Haci Sami Yaman, Konstante,
2018, Fiber pen on paper, 82 x 60 cm, MQ

Haci Sami Yaman, mare, 2018, Fiber pen on paper, 50 x 70 cm, MQ

Beatrice Guder‘s works can be described as studies of nature and landscape. In her painting, she shifts between figuration and (supposed) abstraction. Plants, fields, mountains and flowers are her motifs, which she brings in bright colors on paper and canvas. Z.T. she plays with patterned structures and repetitive systematic forms, which on closer inspection can be read as landscapes.

Some of his works consist almost entirely of dynamic brush strokes or minimalist points that interact with motifs or phenomena from nature. The theme of Beatrice Guder’s pictures, which bear titles such as “tree”, “forest” or “mountains”, is reminiscent of naive painting. The artist has been working in the Open Studio for many years.

Beatrice Guder, Farbenspiel,
2018, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18 cm, MQ

Vernissage: Thursday, 14th June 2018, from 6 pm

Exhibition period: Friday, 15th June to Saturday, 14th July 2018

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Exhibition Haci Sami Yaman + Beatrice Guder – Galerie ART CRU |  Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin – Contemporary Art – Galleries Berlin – Exhibitions | ART at Berlin


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