post-title GAMA | 999 by GAMA | galerie probst | 28.01.-26.03.2022 – extended until 01.05.2022

GAMA | 999 by GAMA | galerie probst | 28.01.-26.03.2022 – extended until 01.05.2022

GAMA | 999 by GAMA | galerie probst | 28.01.-26.03.2022 – extended until 01.05.2022

GAMA | 999 by GAMA | galerie probst | 28.01.-26.03.2022 – extended until 01.05.2022

until 01.05. | #3299ARTatBerlin | galerie probst presents from 28. January 2022 the exhibition “999 by GAMA” by the artist GAMA, in which a selection of his digital and analog works are shown together for the first time in the gallery.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is select NFT’s from the digital art and environmental project “ifungiclub”, where new technologies go hand in hand with species and nature conservation. At the center of “ifungiclub” is Gama’s collection of 999 individual hand-drawn mushroom NFT’s – unique digital collectibles that exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

For the artist, who grew up as a nomad in Mongolia, the adaptable mushroom, which sprouts from the ground all over the world and can take on a variety of forms, symbolizes Buddhist rebirth. Likewise, it represents a continuously recurring motif in his oeuvre.

GAMA, ifungi, NFT, 2021 Edition

In the “ifungiclub” the mushroom symbolizes the beauty of life and vision of a sustainable world. At the same time, it is a means of drawing attention to the urgent global environmental problems of our time.

Although Gama’s art lives from multi-layered cultural and academic influences, which he experienced on his way from Mongolia via China to Germany, the Buddhist-influenced idea of rebirths and the connection of all life is the supporting constant.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy galerie probst - GAMA - 190 x 210 cm - 2018
GAMA, Wunderwald, 210 (height) x 190 (width) cm, color woodcut on canvas, 2019

The broad spectrum of his figurative-landscape-like motifs is characterized by an intangible power of imagination and expression. Behind a supposed visual clarity lie coded symbols, humorous irritations, and complex messages. Gama looks basic themes of our time in the eye, without losing the sense of optimism, lightness and magic.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy galerie probst - GAMA - 200 x 180 cm
GAMA, I LOVE YOU, 200 x 180 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2019

With the perfection of his craft, which he learned during intensive years of study at the art academies in Beijing and Karlsruhe, the artist now manages to bring sensual realities to life in the digital sphere.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy galerie probst - GAMA - 9BBE9E91-8246-4717-960C-83896E6DA5BE

In “999 by Gama” it is shown that Gama’s step into digital space is by no means to be understood as a break with his painterly work, but rather builds on his previous artistic lineage and seemed inevitable against the background of his urge to create on the pulse of time.

Vernissage: Friday, 1. April 2022, 6:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Friday, 28th January to Saturday, 26th March 2022 – ATTENTION: extened until Sunday, 1st May 2022


Friday, 11 March 2022 from 18:00: Ifungi_Lounge: Release of the first 9 Ifungis (NFTs) for sale.

Wednesday, 16 March 2022 from 18:00: Lecture on the topic of art as value creation (NFTs are also part of the lecture) here but limited number of people, please pre-register and €20 admission, of which €10 will be donated to the Ark. The event is a cooperation with Frank Jermis, Finanz- und Absicherunsstrategien (wealth advisor).

Saturday, 2 April 2022 from 18:00 – Ifungi Party (replacement for the vernissage) 

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