post-title Franz Ackermann | Die Scheune [The Barn] | Meyer Riegger | 20.05.–29.08.2020

Franz Ackermann | Die Scheune [The Barn] | Meyer Riegger | 20.05.–29.08.2020

Franz Ackermann | Die Scheune [The Barn] | Meyer Riegger | 20.05.–29.08.2020

Franz Ackermann | Die Scheune [The Barn] | Meyer Riegger | 20.05.–29.08.2020

until 29.08. | #2752ARTatBerlin | Meyer Riegger currently shows Franz Ackermann’s new outdoor project “Die Scheune” [The Barn] on the gallery façade.

With “Die Scheune”, the Berlin gallery Meyer Riegger is turning itself inside out. Starting from the dimensions of the front door on Joachimsthaler Straße, a three-part, colored installation has been created which both deconstructs the existing architecture on site and also re-defines it. In this process, the interplay of sculptural forms and flat-plane images proves to be a productive dis-orienting force: it confounds the gaze of the beholder just as it also opens up the gaze to further fields. Over the course of the coming weeks, Franz Ackermann will repeatedly add objects and image-supports to the square panels – or replace and even remove them. Thus the installation will be in a continuous state of becoming, and it will be possible to react, even in the short term, to the most recent changes undertaken over this indeterminate period.

Franz Ackermann, for whom the personal experiences and impressions that he gathers in the course of his (worldwide) travels are of essential importance, is thus again concentrating on the characteristic features of a certain place at a certain time and on local habits and customs connected with it. “Die Scheune” and Ackermann’s manner of proceeding hence also mirror not least the present situation of the pandemic and the specific atmosphere it creates – in the sense of a condition of the ongoing analysis, adjustment and re-adjustment of all forms of human action.

Since as early as the 1990s, the artist has been using small-format sketches – his so-called “mental maps” – for the purpose of translating place-specific spatial structures into models for socio-cultural relationship systems. In an associative reference to billboards, “Die Scheune” now realizes this approach within public space, all the while taking up and absorbing the especial events and occurrences of the present time.

Exhibition period: Wedesday, 20th May to Saturday, 29th August 2020, Outdoor project at the Joachimstaler Straße 24, Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Zu Meyer Riegger Berlin


Image caption: Courtesy of Galerie Meyer Riegger, Franz Ackermann, Die Scheune (Detail)

Exhibition Franz Ackermann – Meyer Riegger | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin

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