post-title Anna Borowy, Peter Doherty, Beate Höing + Jonathan Meese | DU, VENUS UND ICH | janinebeangallery | 08.09.-13.10.2018

Anna Borowy, Peter Doherty, Beate Höing + Jonathan Meese | DU, VENUS UND ICH | janinebeangallery | 08.09.-13.10.2018

Anna Borowy, Peter Doherty, Beate Höing + Jonathan Meese | DU, VENUS UND ICH | janinebeangallery | 08.09.-13.10.2018

Anna Borowy, Peter Doherty, Beate Höing + Jonathan Meese | DU, VENUS UND ICH | janinebeangallery | 08.09.-13.10.2018

until 13.10. | #2189ARTatBerlin | janinebeangallery shows from 8th September 2018 the exhibition DU, VENUS UND ICH with the artists Anna Borowy, Peter Doherty, Beate Höing and Jonathan Meese.

In its upcoming exhibition janinebeangallery will put in context the artworks of the artists Anna Borowy and Beate Höing together with those of Peter Doherty and Jonathan Meese.

Collages of the British artist, musician and poet Peter Doherty meet the paintings of Berlin artist Anna Borowy, the impetuous mixed media works of Jonathan Meese interact with the subtle sculptures made of ceramic by Beate Höing.

The exhibition not only offers the opportunity to rediscover the respective characteristics of each artistic position through their dichotomies by comparison thus to gain new perspectives on them. Furthermore common features reveal among the artworks, which are initially perceived rather complementary. Besides all contentual charge and emotional dedication to the motifs an unpretentious approach to the subjects by all artists of the exhibition can be noticed. This is established by a distinctly visceral, straightforward technique and by the vivid authenticity of the artist‘s directly appealing contents and open concepts.

Anna Borowy Summer Night With A Passenger 160 x 150 cm 2018

Anna Borowy, born 1985 in Uelzen, studied painting with Prof. Werner Liebmann at the Art Academy Berlin Weissensee. Her paintings are exhibited internationally. Her works are in private and public collections. In her paintings with large central portraits, the artist often confronts natural-symbolic and abstractly structured backgrounds. The protagonists in the foreground notice how clearly they are set off and contoured, which goes hand in hand with their conspicuously advanced proximity to the viewer. As a result, their bodies are partially “cut off” at the edges of the image or, interpreted differently, extended into the audience’s space. In connection with the surprising plasticity of the figures, the viewer finds himself almost in company with them again in front of a sometimes dramatic but relatively distant background.
Although the brightly-lit people partially penetrate the areas of the surroundings and are even partially not painted, but in particular the sharpness of their faces, hands and clothing clearly sets them apart from the open, thus wabernden backgrounds. The portraits in Borowy’s paintings either show a contemplative inner contemplation or focus on the viewer. However, this composed look, a quiet, mute spell does not seem static, but like a undecided, charged interim. Therein lies their power and attraction, in the mediation of an invisible imbalance of forces, whose release they announce and which will set course.
The basis for the creation of Borowy’s works is, in all conceptual preparation, an open, process-oriented work. The artist is in a dynamic exchange with the form that adopts your idea, or she also releases her design and details during the painting process. The result is a liveliness that mere design can not anticipate.

Peter Doherty, „Siam the Rain“, Collage
Courtesy: Peter Doherty

Peter Doherty, born in 1979, is a British artist, musician and poet. He is the frontman of the rock bands Babyshambles and The Libertines. At 17, he won a poetry competition by the British Council and was sent to Russia as a cultural ambassador. He studied English literature at Adinah Kroner College, University of London. Then he moved with Carl Barât, whom he had met in 1996, in an apartment in the north of London. Between the two developed a deep friendship, which they expressed in music, poetry and artistic representations. Doherty and Barât founded the band The Libertines in the late 1990s. Peter Doherty had his first solo exhibition of collages and drawings in 2007 in the London Bankrobber Gallery of Banksy discoverer Robin Barton. This exhibition was followed by further international presentations.

Beate Höing, Hasentraum II, Ton,16 x 40 x 22 cm, 2016

Beate Höing was born in 1966 in Coesfeld / Westphalia. She studied at the Freie Kunstakademie Rhein-Ruhr in Essen and Krefeld with Veit Johannes Stratmann from 2001 – 2005. In addition to numerous awards, in 2008 the artist was awarded the Art Prize of the Bernd Rosenheim Foundation, Offenbach. Beate Höing lives and works in Coesfeld and Münster. Inspired by ornaments and materiality as cultural-historical components of folk art, by fairy tales and myths as well as traditions and rituals, these influences appear in the work of the painter and ceramic sculptor Beate Höing in a completely independent iconography. In fact, what is present, associated and remembered fits together in an ambivalent game of reality and fiction, in which dream and nightmare, relaxation and terror lie close together. Content, materiality and form are inseparable. The artist’s oil paintings, ceramic sculptures and installations also convey an enthusiasm for the beauty, delicacy and aesthetics of things as well as the desire to play with the creative possibilities. The works of Beate Höing show a very poetic, at times ironic look at the past, telling of memories, dreams and surreal worlds, even with a humorous wink.
Jutta Meyer to Riemsloh, M.A.

Jonathan Meese, born in 1970 in Tokyo, is a German artist. His works include painting, sculpture, installations, performances, collages, video art and theater work. He mainly addresses personalities from world history, primal myths and heroic sagas. Jonathan Meese lives and works in Ahrensburg
and Berlin.
Meese worked together with the painters Jörg Immendorff, Albert Oehlen, Tim Berresheim, Daniel Richter, Tal R and the composer Karlheinz Essl. Works by Meese have been purchased by museums such as the Paris Center Pompidou, the Städel Museum in Frankfurt or the Abteiberg Museum in Mönchengladbach and are in public collections such as the Contemporary Art Collection of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn, as well as in private collections in Germany (Sammlung Falckenberg ), England (Saatchi Gallery) and Austria (Essl Collection). Meese is represented by a number of galleries.
Source: Wikipedia

Vernissage: Friday, September 7, 2018, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Exhibition period: Saturday, September 8 – Saturday, October 13, 2018

Opening Hours Berlin Art Week 2018: Friday, 28. 9. 2018, 11 am – 08 pm | Saturday, 29. 9. 2018, 10 am – 5 pm | Sunday, 30. 9. 2018, 2 pm – 7 pm

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Image caption cover image: Peter Doherty, „Siam the Rain“, Collage, Courtesy: Peter Doherty

Exhibition DU, VENUS UND ICH – janinebeangallery | Contemporary Art – Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin


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