post-title Dave Grossmann | SEMI COLLAPSE | Semjon Contemporary | 12.12.2020-23.01.2021

Dave Grossmann | SEMI COLLAPSE | Semjon Contemporary | 12.12.2020-23.01.2021

Dave Grossmann | SEMI COLLAPSE | Semjon Contemporary | 12.12.2020-23.01.2021

Dave Grossmann | SEMI COLLAPSE | Semjon Contemporary | 12.12.2020-23.01.2021

until 23.01. | #2937ARTatBerlin | Semjon Contemporary presents from 12th December 2020 the exhibition SEMI COLLAPSE with works by the artist Dave Grossmann and an accrochage.

Dance of the shavings – The order of things
Thoughts on the exhibition SEMI COLLAPSE by Dave Grossmann

Chaos is a fertile breeding ground for the emergence of new things. Most people, however, are suspicious of it because it threatens their own habits, a self-created set of rules. But chaos is not just chaos: it always requires the point of view of the observer, but above all openness and curiosity. Because chaos carries within itself the forces for new orders and is also – freely described – a universe of undeciphered order(s). Applied mathematics and mathematical physics approach exactly this fact – and have not yet reached an all-encompassing formula for understanding.

When Dave Grossmann, born in 1989, deals intensively with the material of the OSB board, which has so far not been particularly conspicuous in art, one of the reasons for this is that chaos and order are apparently very close together here, a fact that fascinates him as a curious artist. Apart from the beauty of wood as a material with its brittle, but also very difficult grains and haptic qualities, as a representative of the world around us, of fauna and flora, the work product OSB is a man-made thing, a cultural artefact.

The manufacture of this product itself is an exciting undertaking, developed only in 1963 by Armin Elmendorf in the USA: OSB means Oriented Strand Board (i.e. oriented strand board). Compared to chipboard, which was developed in the 1930s by the German Max Himmelheber, OSB is characterised by the recognisability of the individual chips, which are between 1 and 2 mm thick and approx. 10-20 cm long. And this is also where Dave Grossmann sees the exciting things happening in the production process, which materialises in the appearance of OSB: In three layers, the coarse glue-impregnated chips are shaken and blown in different directions onto the oversized conveyor belt before being pressed into the board. The chips are directed in their ‘flow’. However, individual chips are positioned crosswise and change their direction, e.g. because they tilt in the dynamic process, and become a (random?) structural and optical disturbance factor.

Contrary to the production process, in which the theoretically infinitely long panel is cut into transportable sizes of over 3 m in length while still on the conveyor belt, Dave Grossmann restricts himself to the maximum dimension of 125 cm edge length, as otherwise, in the current series of works, the ratio of the chips to the size of the picture becomes disproportionate.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Semjon Contemporary - Dave Grossmann 2020 -2
Dave Grossmann, 2020, from the series COLLAPSE, C 48 x 33 cm

The artist does not choose the ‘best’ plates, but rather gets involved with the constellations of chips that await him. A visual and mental scanning of the individual plate (e.g. in the cut size of 45 x 33 cm) is the basis for his decisions as to which of the innumerable shavings he would like to work out visually to form clusters. The irrelevant chips are covered with plaster and as a surface form the foundation for further layers of colour. As irregular geometric surfaces they correspond to the shapes of the uncovered shavings, lead their dynamic space into the surface and suggest the character of an all over, i.e. the continuation into infinity beyond the material pictorial space. A process of continuous dialogue is created in the creative process. The shavings, once exposed, acquire an optical depth through the darkening of certain areas, so that a front and back is suggested, i.e. shadow areas are created. Every decision for a coloured area requires an answer with another coloured area until the picture is right, until a balance is found. It is at the same time energetic through the dynamically interlocking surfaces, some of which have sensitive colour gradients, thus suggesting a perspective orientation within a surface. In the interplay of colour spaces (mostly in blue and grey, but also in black and pink shades) it is difficult to define what lies in front and what lies behind. A confusion par excellence. The exposed individual wood chips follow their own logic from the production process of the OSB board.

In addition, dynamised and apparently staggered in depth by the sensitively breathed shadow zones, they create a bright firework of concentrated power, a compression or expansion. The suspended state, the frozen state of the dance of shavings suggests energy and contemplation at the same time. SEMI COLLAPSE.

The dance draws the gaze into the picture so that the eye, in a constant back and forth, scans the haptic qualities of the individual shavings, as well as the accompanying, counteracting, but also embedding and image-stabilizing moment of the lacquer surfaces, then rests on the bare wall surface to dive into the picture again.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Semjon Contemporary - Dave Grossmann 2020 -1
Dave Grossmann, 2020, from the series COLLAPSE, C b 48 x 33 cm

Dave Grossmann’s sovereign image finding is an autonomous response to his wealth of experience, which he acquired and refined in four issues (intelligent and sensual at the same time!) as founder, thinker, editor and designer of the outstandingly designed magazine KWER. One could also say that these instructive years also served him as self-study to deepen and refine his artistic approach.*

But also his ‘first life’ as an urban-contemporary dancer, who learned early in his youth to measure space dynamically and compositionally and to create exciting movement figures. Here, too, there was already the interplay between extroverted energy and introverted contemplation. SEMI COLLAPSE can be read as the aesthetic subtotal of his still young (life) experience. A convincing materialised state of suspension that directs and concentrates the energy, points forward without denying yesterday.

Semjon H. N. Semjon
December 2020

* The first three issues were a joint effort of Dave Grossmann and Hartmut Friedrich

Exhibition period: Friday, 11th December 2020 to Saturday, 23rd January 2020

Semjon Contemporary is open for you from 11 – 23 December from Tue – Sat from 1 – 7 pm and by appointment.

3rd & 4th Advent: Additionally open on 3rd and 4th Advent from 2 – 5 pm.

Safety: When visiting, please observe the hygiene regulations: mask and safety distance, also in front of the gallery.

The exhibitions open in the new year from 5 January 2021 and end on 23 January. Due to the currently unsafe situation, please inform yourself on our gallery homepage before your visit.

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Time flies by: Just recently, but already in the past…

Solo show "SEMI COLLAPSE" by Dave Grossmann.
Duration of the exhibition: December 12, 2020 – January 23, 2021

Here on view: insight into the exhibition "SEMI COLLAPSE"
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Our booklet on "SEMI COLLAPSE", Dave Grossmann's recent solo show is out, supported by the German Federal Covid 19 gallery support program NEUSTART KULTUR.
We are grateful for this support! This small publication (also on "un / framed – Elisabeth Sonneck & Dittmar Danner aka Krüger") can be picked up for free at the gallery to its regular opening hours Tues – Sat. 1 – 7 pm.

Solo show "SEMI COLLAPSE" by Dave Grossmann (December 12, 2020 – January 23, 2021)

3d visit by Artland:

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A great surreal honor! Bernie also was part as a silent participant during my recent artist talk with Dave Grossmann on occasion of his current solo show "SEMI COLLAPSE".

"semi collapse" and and self-absorbed seems to be a tender description of berniesanders posture...
The exhibition ends tomorrow at 11 pm (via our storefront window; the gallery is, of course, closed due to Covid 19). The montage was realized by Dave Grossmann.

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What a surprise: Today in the weekend edition of German business newspaper Handelsblatt an image of Dave Grossmann's current show is published in an article on Corona based federal support and the reality of our gallery world by Dr. Christiane Fricke.
Thank you Handelsblatt! Please note. Dave Grossmann's exhibition "SEMI COLLAPSE" is on view until tomorrow, Saturday 23 until 11 pm through the window. Due to our shut down Semjon Contemporary unfortunately stays closed. For further information, please check on our homepage to get linked to a 3d visit by Artland, a portfolio, a press release, and our artist talk (in German). Please share. Thank you.

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Finally finished and published on #youtube: video on artist talk (in German) with #davegrossmann on occasion of his #soloshow #semicollpase

A short version will follow soon. Keep in mind: Saturday January 23 at 11 pm the exhibition lights will be turned of and the show will be deinstalled the follwing day.
Due to Covid 19 the exhibition is unfortunately not open to the public, however our storefront window allow you to see it!

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"SEMI COLLAPSE" by Dave Grossmann

Only window shopping and a 3d visit by Artland is possible due to our German lock down.
We have daily lit the gallery for you from 11 am – 11 pm. Enjoy a Berlin walk combined with the luxery of experiencing (even in a distance) the amazing solo show by Dave Grossmann. Until Saturday January 23. Parallel: „Accrochage“ (also window shopping possible)

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German lockdown – today last exhibition day until 11 pm!

Before the German lockdown: our last public exhibition day of the year. Today, Tuesday December 15, 1 - 11 pm!
Solo show "SEMI COLLAPSE" by Dave Grossmann. 3d visit by Artland
Duration: until January 23, 2021 (probably reopening on January 11, 2021)

Here on view: insight into the exhibition "SEMI COLLAPSE"
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3d visit:


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Diese Ausstellung ab heute, 11.12., seit 13 Uhr in Mitte!
Dave Grossmann SEMI COLLAPSE Semjon Contemporary 12.12.2020-23.01.2021

#2937ARTatBerlin Semjon Contemporary @semjoncontemporary präsentiert ab 12. Dezember 2020 die Ausstellung SEMI COLLAPSE mit Arbeiten des Künstlers Dave Grossmann @dave.grossmann und eine Accrochage. Chaos ist ein fruchtbarer Nährboden für das Entstehen von Neuem. Den meisten Menschen hingegen ist es suspekt, weil es eigene Gewohnheiten, ein selbst erschaffenes Regelwerk bedroht. Chaos ist aber nicht gleich Chaos: Es bedarf immer des Betrachterstandpunktes, vor allem aber der Offenheit und Neugier. ... MEHR PER LINK UNTEN:


This exhibition starts today, 11th December, since 1 pm in Mitte!
Dave Grossmann SEMI COLLAPSE Semjon Contemporary 12.12.2020-23.01.2021

#2937ARTatBerlin Semjon Contemporary @semjoncontemporary presents the exhibition SEMI COLLAPSE with works by artist Dave Grossmann @dave.grossmann and an Accrochage from 12 December 2020. Chaos is a fertile breeding ground for the emergence of something new. Most people, however, are suspicious of it because it threatens their own habits, a self-created set of rules. But not all chaos is the same: it always requires the viewer's point of view, but above all openness and curiosity. ... READ MORE:

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