post-title Chamber Music | Group exhibition | Stella A. | 13.10.–23.12.2017

Chamber Music | Group exhibition | Stella A. | 13.10.–23.12.2017

Chamber Music | Group exhibition | Stella A. | 13.10.–23.12.2017

Chamber Music | Group exhibition | Stella A. | 13.10.–23.12.2017

until 23.12. | #1635ARTatBerlin | Stella A. shows from 13th October 2017 the group exhibition “Chamber Music”.

Chamber music is associated with qualities like concentration, intimacy, poetry, reduction etc. These qualities apply to many of our exhibitions and works as well. Notably this exhibition is orientated towards the musical quality of the works, their sound, although there is nothing to be heard acoustically. Some objects are referring directly to musical (experiences) knowledge like certain selected record covers, notations or hints to musical instruments, others were chosen for their musical qualities mentioned above.

The term chamber music is explicitly applied by us to jazz, free improvisation and samples from the rock and blues tradition. So there is a connection with our former exhibitions Blues Heroes (2003) and Time Waits/ A Tribute to Bud Powell (2004) already dealing with the relevance of music in the gallery program.

For the pioneers of abstract painting in the early 20th century the autonomy of music was the model.

To illustrate this, we present a small handcolored piece by Francis Picabia dating from 1914 with the programmatic title Painting is like Music. Today there are numerous overlappings between music and visual arts. Many painters are playing instruments or have their own bands playing in public like A.R. Penck, Martin Kippenberger oder Wolfgang Niedecken f.e.

In return, musicians turned to painting and have shown their works on the market and in museums, like John Cage, Ornette Coleman or Bob Dylan. Countless the overlappings of acoustic and visual art forms in the digitally  generated art which is omitted in our exhibition. We stay with 2- and 3dimensional objects, drawings, multiples (poems) and their material, artisan origin which adds (to them) stability and permanence.

Vernissage: Thursday, 12th October 2017, 7p.m. to 9 p.m. Introduction (Live music): KÜRVERS & UEBELE.
Gerhard Uebele – Violin, Klaus Kürvers – double bass, improvised chamber music

Exhibition period: Friday, 13th October to Saturday, 23rd December 2017

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Image caption: Peter Scior, Cembalo, Öl auf Lwd., 30 x 24 cm, 2016

Exhibition: Chamber Music – Group exhibition – Stella A. | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin


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