post-title Berlin Calling | Group Exhibition | Galerie Kornfeld | 02.08.-08.09.2018

Berlin Calling | Group Exhibition | Galerie Kornfeld | 02.08.-08.09.2018

Berlin Calling | Group Exhibition | Galerie Kornfeld | 02.08.-08.09.2018

Berlin Calling | Group Exhibition | Galerie Kornfeld | 02.08.-08.09.2018

until 08.09.#2101ARTatBerlin | Galerie Kornfeld shows from 2nd August 2018 the group exhibition Berlin Calling. Shown are works on paper, curated by Philip Grözinger.

Participating artists:

Tom Anholt
Samuel Bassett
Armin Boehm
Fritz Bornstück
Hannah Dougherty
Farshad Farzankia
Robert Fry
Philip Grözinger
Michelle Jezierski
Franziska Klotz
Clemens Krauss
Manfred Peckl
Andrew Salgado
Sebastiaan Schlicher
Tina Schwarz
Joachim Stracke
Kristian Touborg

In the summer month of August, Galerie Kornfeld is pleased to present a selection of works on paper with the exhibition “Berlin Calling: Works on Paper”. In close cooperation with the Berlin-based artist Philip Grözinger, 16 contemporary artists invited by him show works that impressively express the diversity and variety of the use of the medium of paper.

It is drawn, watercolored and painted, it is folded, glued and collaged. Figuration stands next to abstraction, expression next to introspection, abundance next to emptiness, image next to text, sketchy transience next to figuratively composed elements. Small formats are contrasted by larger, expanding to installations space works. The recourse to the centuries-old tradition of the medium is complemented by artistic concepts that elicit new facets from the paper.

Tom Anholt | Manfred Peckl

In addition to the medium of paper, there are further similarities in the exhibited works: the intimacy of the scenes of the British artist Tom Anholt, who in his formally complex figurative watercolors focuses on the closeness of mother and child, finds its equivalent both in the works of Armin Boehm and in the gouache by the British artist Andrew Salgado, who shows moments of togetherness with rich colors.

Quite different images of humans can be discovered in the works of Philip Grözinger, Sebastiaan Schlicher or Farshad Farzankia: the almost childlike expressivity of Grözinger and Farzankia as well as the references to the Art Brut at Schlicher celebrate an apparent naivety that knows exactly what they are want.

Expressiveness in artistic expression is also characteristic of the works of Samuel Bassett and Tina Schwarz, who, like Robert Fry, take a deep look into the abyss of the soul – although Fry’s etchings are characterized less by expression than by precision and introspection.

Farshad Farzankia | Samuel Bassett

The updating of centuries-old painterly traditions in turn characterizes Franziska Klotz‘s figure paintings as well as the landscapes of Fritz Bornstück, whose works show lost paradises in rich colors.

Hannah Dougherty‘s virtuoso line drawings arrange themselves into collage-like leaves that are often put together into installations that detach themselves from the wall and grow into space. The means of collage can also be found in the thematically and motivically different works of Michelle Jezierski and Manfred Peckl.

Similar to Robert Fry in his etchings, the painter Clemens Krauss seeks in his paper works for an artistic language that can exist independently of his painting: his photographs show mysterious scenes from his video films, which aim at the imagination of the beholder.

The work group “Jukebox” by Joachim Stracke is analogous in a double sense: in mixed media he designs square works that resemble paper envelopes in which a single vinyl is kept. Trompe l’œil effects reproduce an old-fashioned sound carrier in the medium of drawing, overlaid by abstract forms.

Finally, with Kristian Touborg, digital techniques are combined with classic craftsmanship – his works bring together what does not belong together, yet they create a whole new whole.

In times of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co, where we move naturally in virtual worlds and digital spaces, the exhibition “Berlin Calling” puts the analogue in the center. The variety of paper types as well as the artistic techniques and expressions shows the haptic sensations that can be grasped with the hands to elicit the ancient medium of paper even today.

This is the slogan in the summer month of August: “Feel and experience!”

The opening of the exhibition will be celebrated with a summer party (see below) in the Kornfeld Gallery and in our project space 68projects.

Philip Grözinger, untitled, 2018, 
Oil, oil pastels and acyl on paper, 32 x 23 cm

Vernissage: Thursday, 2nd August 2018, 6.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m. (Summer party at Galerie Kornfeld + 68 projects)

Exhibition period: Thursday, 2nd August – Saturday, 8th September 2018

Zur Galerie Kornfeld


Image caption: Philip Grözinger, untitled, 2018, Oil, oil pastels and acyl on paper, 32 x 23 cm

Exhibition Berlin Calling – Galerie Kornfeld Berlin | Contemporary Art – Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin


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