post-title Belia Brückner | EIGEN + ART Lab | 14.07.-13.08.2022

Belia Brückner | EIGEN + ART Lab | 14.07.-13.08.2022

Belia Brückner | EIGEN + ART Lab | 14.07.-13.08.2022

Belia Brückner | EIGEN + ART Lab | 14.07.-13.08.2022

until 13.08. | #3522ARTatBerlin | EIGEN + ART Lab shows from 14. July 2022 the solo exhibition with works by the artist Belia Brückner.

An intriguing nature, seemingly working senselessly like the wind, after distant strangers [contracts] into which one never gains insight.

It’s hard to remember the uncomfortable conversations with your parents about the expensive phone bill in the early 2000s, after spending hours on the phone with your friends in your room as a teenager. In 2022, inmates in German prisons will be charged for their phone calls by the minute – comparable to the phone rates of about 15 years ago.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of EIGEN+ART Lab - Beila Brückner
Courtesy by EIGEN + ART – Belia Brückner

In her exhibition at EIGEN + ART Lab, the artist Belia Brückner (*1992 Mönchengladbach, lives in Hamburg) presents her ongoing research on a globally active, listed company that calls itself “Telio” in Germany. Brückner’s practice aims to make factual contradictions to social narratives visible.

In 2020, Belia Brückner requested the current contracts for prisoner telephony from Hamburg correctional institutions for inspection. From the redacted contracts she received back, her exhibition project unfolds, documenting and attacking Kafkaesque blossoms of German statecraft.

Text excerpt by Juliane Duft

Opening: Thursday, 14. July 2022, 5:00 – 9:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Thursday, 14. July – Saturday, 13. August 2022

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