post-title Gudrun Sailer + Beate Bitterwolf | Galerie Sievi | 26.04.-15.06.2019

Gudrun Sailer + Beate Bitterwolf | Galerie Sievi | 26.04.-15.06.2019

Gudrun Sailer + Beate Bitterwolf | Galerie Sievi | 26.04.-15.06.2019

Gudrun Sailer + Beate Bitterwolf | Galerie Sievi | 26.04.-15.06.2019

until 15.06. | #2484ARTatBerlin | Galerie Sievi currently presents the exhibition by the artists Gudrun Sailer and Beate Bitterwolf.

Plantares, Floridez, Horizonte – nature as inspiration, this is the great constant of Beate Bitterwolf’s artistic work for the painter born and raised in the Allgäu. The close-up view of the organic world of the plants on the one hand, the wide view into the depths of the landscape, the mountains, the earth on the other hand. Her painting moves between large expanse and small-scale painterly structures. In detail as in the overall view, her paintings are characterized by a great variety of techniques, structures and movements. There are almost always crossings and overlaps. The canon of forms seems to have sprung from the painterly process and to have been guided by a dynamic movement.

Beate Bitterwolf, Floridez 19-1-4, 60 x 100 cm, 2019

The concept of the pictures flows together with the particularities of the techniques: flowing, glazing, brushing as Beate Bitterwolf calls it, masking, smoothing, collaging, hatching, pouring – all these achievements of the informal – are used by her in a variety of ways. Leaving this context and contrary to the laws of the informal, the artist drives the image further into a readability, a specific theme. The viewer sees: The picture wants to be found, invented, it develops and moves away during the process. The painter invents the picture without prefixing it with a fixed idea.

Contribution: Gudrun Sailer

The expression of thoughts, marked by clay, deepened by a painterly colouring, is shown in the exhibition. Figures whose surfaces are matt, rough, even broken, but whose interior warm-heartedly struggles with everyday life, people shaped by their experiences, in confrontation, emotionally and yet with themselves, are what interest Gudrun Sailer. In sculpture she shows connections and distance in the interpersonal. Earthy, natural to glittering, coloured in contrast to rugged edges or seemingly flowing lines, describe silent encounters, invite us to find each other again. The fragmentary in the form stands as a parable for the constant change in life.

Gudrun Sailer, Zwei, 2018

Represented for the last time in the gallery in 2015, she now shows the current development of her works. Here, the forms do not start from the figure, but rather from the expression of the sensation. In addition, there is a shift to more color. The influence, even the change, that form experiences through color, gets more space.

Gudrun Sailer studied at the Burg Giebichenstein Art Academy in Halle, and lives and works in Eberswalde.

Vernissage:  Friday, 26 April 2019, 7 Uhr, (Music: Harmut Walter / Kontrabass)

Exhibition period: Saturday, 27 April – Saturday, 15 June 2019

Zur Galerie Sievi


Image caption: Beate Bitterwolf, Floridez 19-1-4, 60 x 100 cm, 2019

Exhibition Beate Bitterwolf + Gudrun Sailer – Galerie Sievi – Contemporary Art Berlin – Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin



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