post-title … AUSSER VIELLEICHT EINE KONSTELLATION | oqbo | raum für bild wort ton | 08.08.-12.09.2020

… AUSSER VIELLEICHT EINE KONSTELLATION | oqbo | raum für bild wort ton | 08.08.-12.09.2020

… AUSSER VIELLEICHT EINE KONSTELLATION | oqbo | raum für bild wort ton | 08.08.-12.09.2020

… AUSSER VIELLEICHT EINE KONSTELLATION | oqbo | raum für bild wort ton | 08.08.-12.09.2020

until 12.09. | #2796ARTatBerlin | oqbo | raum für bild wort ton shows from 8th August 2020 the group show … AUSSER VIELLEICHT EINE KONSTELLATION (EXCEPT MAYBE A CONSTELLATION ), an homage á Giandomenico Tiepolo, curated by Michael Glasmeier and Christian Schiebe.

To mark the 250th anniversary of the death of the Venetian Baroque painter Giambattista Tiepolo (1696-1770), we are showing the graphic series “Flight to Egypt” by his son Giandomenico Tiepolo (1727-1804), to which the father will refer just as directly in silent pictures at the end of his life as some of the artists in this exhibition. In addition, we have selected works that have a new effect in connection with this 27-part cycle. Three categories are of interest: the substantive theme of flight, of course, the labyrinthine in the global; then the formal of the narrative, the sequence, and finally the reflection on the graphic, the drawing, the line, the form, the poetry.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of oqbo - Giandomenico Tiepolo - 1753 - Blatt 14 DetailGiandomenico Tiepolo, Idée Pittoresche Sopra La Fugga in Egitto di Giesu, Maria e Gioseppe, 1753, Blatt 14, Detail 

Tiepolo’s fine, humane and sometimes humorous depiction of the “Flight to Egypt” in particular, which rekindles our curiosity from page to page, could open up the space of contemplation with the encounter of old and new art and allow the constellations to become mobile.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of oqbo - Peter Radelfinger 2020
© oqbo Peter Radelfinger – Zeichnung aus der AA-Serie Sommer 2020, Berlin oqbo-Serie, DIN A 4

Participating artists: Milena Aguilar, Helene Appel, Francis Alÿs, Monika Bartholomé, Bernhard Blume, Bettina Blohm, Claus Böhmler, Sandra Boeschenstein, Christian Boltanski, George Brecht, Stanley Brouwn, Winfried Bullinger, Frieder Butzmann, Kyung-hwa Choi-ahoi, Philip Corner, Marcel van Eeden, Robert Filliou, Harald Falkenhagen, Friederike Feldmann, Terry Fox, Yves Gevaert, Hulda Hakon, Sibylle Hofter, Dorothy Iannone, Jarosław Kozłowski, Simon Lewis, Monika Maurer-Morgenstern, Nanne Meyer, Katharina Meldner, Sofie Bird Møller, Sener Öymen und Erkan Öygen, Jutta Person, Christian Pilz, Peter Radelfinger, Alexander Roob, Mathias Ruthenberg, Nora Schattauer, Christian Schiebe, Rrose Selavy, Giandomenico Tiepolo, Amy Vogel, Aby Warburg, Emmett Williams

Exhibition concept and realisation: Michael Glasmeier, Christian Schiebe

Vernissage: Friday, 7th August 2020, 2:00 – 7:00 Uhr

Exhibition period: Saturday, 8th August — Saturday, 12th September 2020

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Exhibition AUSSER VIELLEICHT EINE KONSTELLATION – Galerie oqbo | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin


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