post-title Xia Peng & Teresa Murta | Authentic | Migrant Bird Space | 12.05-16.06.2023

Xia Peng & Teresa Murta | Authentic | Migrant Bird Space | 12.05-16.06.2023

Xia Peng & Teresa Murta | Authentic | Migrant Bird Space | 12.05-16.06.2023

Xia Peng & Teresa Murta | Authentic | Migrant Bird Space | 12.05-16.06.2023

until 16.06. | #3924ARTatBerlin | Migrant Bird Space shows from 12. May 2023 the Duo Exhibition “Authentic” of the artists Xia Peng and Teresa Murta.

Mystery does not come into the world via expression, but through activity and concealment in it. The power of magic is grounded in a special esoteric or mystical knowledge that most people lack, a special ability or gift. While both this exhibition’s artists are realistic in their creative approach, their themes and subject-matters are imbued with a deeper understanding of reality and what lies beyond; they give free rein to fantasy without compromising on reality.

This exhibition introduces Xia Peng and Teresa Murta by means of a dialogue between their technically proficient paintings. Their drawings and images transcend reality and stir our sensitivities. A selection of 20 of their outstanding recent works is brought together.

Xia Peng’s New series Street view of the event, the question and introspection of painting as a traditional media is explored under the continuous acquisition of new ways of observation. Looking for personal orientation in the intersection of ancient image resources and modern technology. When we get unlimited image resources all at the same time, it will make us explore the essence of painting, and even the essence of art. From photography, Photoshop, VR and AI, artificial images infiltrate everyday life, along with more uncontrollable accidents, becoming the new subject of painting (another kind of artificial image). Examples include Street View maps that move out of place, background tiles that interfere with video conferencing, and AI-generated fake news images. This series reinterprets and reconstructs pre-modern art historical images from a contemporary perspective. The seemingly plain, traditional, everyday and secular pictures contain the transformation of The Times and individuals, giving up their own goals of image generation and realizing experience or feeling without presets. On the one hand, we can admire the narrative power and surprise of traditional and digital images, and at the same time being fascinated by the language world of painting itself, which is invented by the hand of color brush. 

Teresa Murta, with her painting, confuses us through. Emotions driven by misshapen representations, in incongruous and disturbing forms, but with a vigorous daily identity. Without changing or distorting reality, it somehow happens anyway. NO need for interpretation, as it is not the expression or extension of itself.

Her work is the vivacity of a non-reality, of a universe of what-is-not, which develops through the freedom of her stroke directly on the canvas, without a preconceived sketch or script, in a sensory symphony impregnated by the surrealism where dreams predominate. A metaphysical painting that leads us into a mysterious dreamlike environment with enormous symbolism.

Facing Teresa Murta’s work is a plunge into a world where the reality of simple and pure things is contaminated by the thought that lives in our eyes.Perhaps it becomes absurd, because it is the most emotional and the most moving. When we start to open our eyes to the visible, we had long been attached to the invisible- as the poet D’Annunzio would say.

Xia Peng, b.1976, Tianjin, China
Graduate from Tianjin Art academy and Postgraduate from China Art Academy, ink Painting.
Graduate from Kunsthochschule Kassel,2013, Painting.

The unrestrained freedom of navigating complexity and simplicity in Xia Peng’s paintings is due to his ability to combine his experience in Chinese traditional art and the understanding of Western contemporary art. His works place between “loose” and “tight”; in Chinese, this kind of art composition is called finding simplicity among complexity. The subject also sets between abstract and concrete, therefore his paintings not only look “loose” but also encourage the viewer to reflect on the meaning of “looseness” and its inherent tenacity. Between 2015 and 2021, Xia Peng started gradually subtracting his subjective point of view from the painting and instead started focusing on the different past-and-present relationships created in subtle tones and silence. Without structure yet harmonious, from the main narrative to emptiness, till infinite, this is the direction he wants to pursue, eager to reach that level where abstract images are disassembled from the narrative, resulting in monochrome, fuzzy and block pictures.

ART at Berlin - Migrant Bird Space - Teresa MurtaArtist Left, Teresa Murta, 2022, Oil on canvas 140 x 120cm

Teresa Murta– the artistic name of Teresa Costa Gomes- was born. in Lisbon in 1993 at -School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha (2011-2014) where she completed her degree  in Visual Arts. She. exhibits regularly in Portugal and abroad, Currently lives and works in Berlin.

Opening: Friday, 12 May from 5pm to 8pm

Exhibition dates: Friday, 12. May 2023 until Friday, 16. June 2023

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Image caption: meeting, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30cm, Xia Peng

Duo Exhibition Xia Peng & Teresa Murta – Migrant Bird Space | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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