post-title DEEP WEB | Kraftwerk Berlin | until 23.08.2019

DEEP WEB | Kraftwerk Berlin | until 23.08.2019

DEEP WEB | Kraftwerk Berlin | until 23.08.2019

DEEP WEB | Kraftwerk Berlin | until 23.08.2019

Until 23 August 2019 the monumental, immersive audiovisual installation DEEP WEB by the artists Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke can be experienced at Kraftwerk Berlin.

In the collaboration of light artist Christopher Bauder and musician and composer Robert Henke, 175 spheres, illuminated by colour-intensive lasers, move in synchronous choreography to form a multi-channel composition. The result is a visually impressive analogy (30 x 20 x 10 m) to digital networks with their nodes and endless connections.

Performances with both artists will take place on Thursday, 25 July and Friday, 26 July 2019. The performances will take place in real time. None is the same as the other.

Embedded in the spectacular industrial architecture of the KRAFTWERK BERLIN, DEEP WEB creates a unique spatial experience: visitors are immersed in a gigantic amorphous sculpture of animated light lines and multidimensional sounds – the luminous patterns of early digital communication become a fascinating sensory experience….

Read the article with all informations further on > DEEDS.WORLD <


Image caption: DEEP WEB, Christopher Bauder + Robert Henke, Photo Ralph Larmann

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