post-title 2008-2018 | 10 Years Drawings & Prints | Galerie Jordan/Seydoux | 27.04.-23.06.2018

2008-2018 | 10 Years Drawings & Prints | Galerie Jordan/Seydoux | 27.04.-23.06.2018

2008-2018 | 10 Years Drawings & Prints | Galerie Jordan/Seydoux | 27.04.-23.06.2018

2008-2018 | 10 Years Drawings & Prints | Galerie Jordan/Seydoux | 27.04.-23.06.2018

until 23.06. | #2062ARTatBerlin | Galerie Jordan / Seydoux currently shows the anniversary exhibition “2008-2018 // 10 Years Drawings & Prints” with the artists Frank Badur, Georg Baselitz, Damien Deroubaix, François Morellet, Nanne Meyer and Françoise Pétrovitch.

Gallery JORDAN / SEYDOUX celebrates its 10th anniversary this May! Founded in 2008 by Amélie Seydoux and Bernard Jordan in Berlin, the gallery has specialized from the beginning on contemporary drawing and graphics.

Seydoux and Jordan share a passion for artist editions, especially those that offer the opportunity to experiment with printing techniques, thereby opening up artists to new creative fields of activity.

Amélie Seydoux (born 1972 in Paris) is a sociologist and has been living in Berlin since 2004. She was in Paris for a long time worked for a union of fine art printmakers and also worked for her father Eric Seydoux. Eric Seydoux was one of those who printed the memorable posters of the student revolt in May 1968 in the atollier populaire des Beaux-Arts de Paris. He later became a renowned screen printer and publisher of artist editions.

Bernard Jordan (born 1956 in Montargis) opened his first gallery in Paris in 1984, and in 2008 another location in Zurich followed in addition to Berlin with a Cabinet de dessins. In contrast to the gallery in Berlin, which focuses on drawing and printmaking, the galleries in Paris and Zurich also represent artists who work in the fields of painting, sculpture, drawing, installation or photography. Bernard Jordan has paper in his blood: his great-grandfather Augustin Blanchet, together with the brothers Kleber, invented the famous handmade paper BFK Rives (Blanchet Frères Kleber).

During these 10 years, the gallery has organized more than 66 solo and group exhibitions of works by international artists. Collaborating with museums, galleries, collectors and project spaces, such as “Crosswords” with an exhibition series with Offspace Lage Egal, or “Made in Zurich”, where the unpublished early works of Art & Language on an accompanying Symposium were explained.

The range of artists ranges from concrete and minimal (such as François Morellet, Imi Knoebel, Frank Badur, John Armleder) to figurative to baroque (including Françoise Pétrovitch, Nanne Meyer, Damien Deroubaix, Patrick Gabler, Peter Emch, Mark Lammert, Georg Baselitz , Paul van der Eerden). Of course, we always tried to make a special selection and effective hanging of the works. The gallery also offered video art (Bertrand Gadenne), ceramics (Elmar Trenkwalder) and installations (Barbara Breitenfellner). Jordan / Seydoux also works as a publisher and collaborates with artists on the production of limited editions.

The first project was realized in 2009 with the Berlin artist Frank Badur, followed by editions with Françoise Morellet, Pierre Buraglio, Imi Knoebel, Patrick Gabler, Neon Multiples with the American artist Jay Shinn and recently a woodcut series of the then living in Berlin French Damien Deroubaix and an etching by Georg Baselitz.
Each print is an original project, signed and numbered by the artist. The editions of the editions are exclusive, but their prices are affordable. For this purpose, the gallery works with print shops in Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, Lille and Brandenburg – depending on the technique and artist.

The 10th Anniversary Anniversary Exhibition presents drawings and limited editions by Frank BADUR, Georg BASELITZ, Damien DEROUBAIX, François MORELLET, Nanne MEYER and Françoise PÉTROVITCH. Whether abstract or figurative, the exhibition shows the versatility of the artists with whom the gallery works and their great graphic and graphic versatility.

Vernissage:  Friday, 27th April 2018, 6 pm

Exhibition period: Friday, 27th April – Saturday, 23rd June 2018

Zu Jordan/Seydoux


Image caption: Galerie Jordan/Seydoux – Exhibition view – Photo via Galerie Jordan/Seydoux

2008-2018 | 10 Years Drawings & Prints – Galerie Jordan/Seydoux | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin – Exhibition Berlin – Galleries Berlin – ART at Berlin

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