post-title Terence Carr + Friends | Man and Woman| Galerie Anna25 | 03.11.-15.12.2017 | extended until 04.02.2018

Terence Carr + Friends | Man and Woman| Galerie Anna25 | 03.11.-15.12.2017 | extended until 04.02.2018

Terence Carr + Friends | Man and Woman| Galerie Anna25 | 03.11.-15.12.2017 | extended until 04.02.2018

Terence Carr + Friends | Man and Woman| Galerie Anna25 | 03.11.-15.12.2017 | extended until 04.02.2018

extended until 04.02. | #1694ARTatBerlin | Galerie Anna25 shows from 3rd November 2017 the exhibition “Man and Woman” with works by the artist Terence Carr and some more artists.

Dialogues, Confrontation, Similarities and Differences – When works of art meet, relationships develop. Sometimes they are harmonious, sometimes they are characterized by tensions, but they always gain new facets through dialogue.

The Gallery Anna25 is looking for this dialogue in the last exhibition of the year. The sculptures of Terence Carr are presented with works of very different artists. Where are parallels, where do contrasts intensify?

Terence Carr’s career has also been drawn from contrasts. Born in Kenya in 1952, he began his military career in Sandhurst in the 1970s, later become an officer in the British Army. Then the break: He comes to Germany and devotes himself to art. After studying, he works as a freelance artist and gallery owner.

ART at Berlin - Galerie Anna25 - Kunst - Ausstellung - Terence Carr
Terence Carr, The Women I, 2017, bemaltes Holz, 70 x 30 cm

In Carr’s works the African influences are unmistakable, the form language is distinctive. As cheerful as the colourful sculptures are, they are always ambiguous. Hedonism, consumerism, fun society, all this is concealed under the colourful colour layer, almost camouflaged.

The work is characterized by spontaneity, sketches are rare. The artist would rather work on the wood directly with the chainsaw. It is a rough and intensive process, partly with unforeseen changes and exciting developments.

It is exciting when the colourful sculptures are confronted with the very different paintings and photographs of other artists. All artists, who exhibited last year in the Gallery Anna25, are represented with a work and therefore can enter a dialogue with Carr’s works.

For the first time Terence Carr shows his new series “Frauen, die ich kenne / kannte (Women I knew / knew)”. He combines individual figures of women with short thoughts, a dialogue emerges not only within the work, but also in the contrast with the works of others. Holger Zimmermann’s collage unites beautiful moments that are devoted to decay. In his work, memories are subjective desires. Partly cheerful and colourful, partly gloomy, these memories are also the art language. Carr’s memories of women play a very similar game.

ART at Berlin - Anna25 - Kunst - Ausstellung - Thomas Nitz
Thomas Nitz, SH # 8, 2013, experimentelle analoge Fotografie, 37 x 47 cm

Thomas Nitz’s haptic photographs, which are created with multiple exposures and manual editing of the background, are perhaps the best contrast. Finally, Nitz’s pictures are kept in black and white, but parallels can be found in the fast-moving consumer world.

Bernhard Paul’s structured works are just as much a part of the production process as Carr’s work, even if the results are quite different. Also, Thai Ho Pham and Fabio Moro will enrich the sculptures by new facets with their works. The colourful colours and the offensive motifs of both artists are striking, but hidden behind them are depths, which may be noticeable only at the second glance. Similarly, the motif world of Terence Carr, who likes to be behind the scenes in his works.
Text: Julia Schattauer

Vernissage: Friday, 3rd November 2017, 7 to 10 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 4th November to Friday, 15th December 2017 – extended until 04. February 2018!

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Image caption cover: Terence Carr, The new Religion, 2013, bemaltes Holz, 80 x 130 cm

Exhibition: Terence Carr + Friends – Man and Woman – Galerie Anna25 | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin


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