here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Alexander Adams + Natela Iankoshvili | Galerie Kornfeld | 26.06.-31.07.2021

until 31.07. | #3060ARTatBerlin | Galerie Kornfeld shows from 26th June 2021 a dialogue exhibition with works by the artist Alexander Adams and the artist Natela Iankoshvili. The artistic subject of the works are landscapes in spectacular colour and pinpoint detail. The explosive colour and dramatic brushwork of Georgian painter Natela Iankoshvili and the painstaking […]

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UPSPACE | Group Show | drj art projects | 19.05.-17.07.2021

until 17.07. | #3058ARTatBerlin | drj art projects presents from 19th May 2021 the group show UPSPACE with works in editions and series by 20 international artists. The exhibition UPSPACE sends a strong signal of the vitality and power of conceptual + minimal art in persistently difficult times. Works by 20 international artists show a broad spectrum […]

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BEI UNS. BEI EUCH! Ein Chemnitz/Berlin Kontinuum. 2nd part | ALEXANDER OCHS PRIVATE | 14.05.-19.06.2021

until 19.06. | #3055ARTatBerlin | ALEXANDER OCHS PRIVATE shows since 14th May 2021 in the second part of the exhibition series ‘Bei uns. Bei Euch! Ein künstlerisches Kontinuum Chemnitz/Berlin’ (> At us. At yours! An artistic continuum Chemnitz/Berlin) works by the artists Carlfriedrich Claus, Gregor Torsten Kozik, Jan Kummer, Nina Kummer, Via Lewandowsky, Michael Morgner, […]

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Rithika Merchants + Rachel Garrard | In Orbit | Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery Berlin | 05.06.-03.07.2021

until 03.07. | #3052ARTatBerlin | Kristin Hjellegjerde Berlin presents from 5th June 2021 the exhibition In Orbit with works by the Indian artist Rithika Merchants and the British artist Rachel Garrard. Intricate, mythical scenes populated with winged women and mystical symbols appear lush and vibrant alongside subtle, geometric forms painted in earthy, faded hues on […]

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Lilly Lulay | ARTIFACTS FROM THE AGE OF ACCELERATION | Kuckei + Kuckei | 29.04.-19.06.2021

until 19.06. | #3051ARTatBerlin | Kuckei + Kuckei currently presents the solo show Ausstellung ARTIFACTS FROM THE AGE OF ACCELERATION with works by the artist Lilly Lulay. The smartphone has radically changed our daily life in the last years. Always close at hand to connect us to the world, it has redefined our culture of […]

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