post-title Sigmar Polke | Die Edition | me Collectors Room Berlin / Stiftung Olbricht | 28.04.–27.08.2017

Sigmar Polke | Die Edition | me Collectors Room Berlin / Stiftung Olbricht | 28.04.–27.08.2017

Sigmar Polke | Die Edition | me Collectors Room Berlin / Stiftung Olbricht | 28.04.–27.08.2017

Sigmar Polke | Die Edition | me Collectors Room Berlin / Stiftung Olbricht | 28.04.–27.08.2017

until 27.08. | #1235ARTatBerlin | me Collectors Room Berlin / Stiftung Olbricht shows from 28th April 2017 the whole edition of the works by the artist Sigmar Polke.

The complete editioned works of Sigmar Polke, one of the most important contemporary artists, will be on view from 28 April until 27 August 2017 at Berlin at me Collectors Room, featuring approximately 200 works from the collection Kunstraum am Limes.

The artist’s editioned works hold a special place within his oeuvre. For Sigmar Polke (b. 1941 Oels, now Oleśnica/Poland, d. 2010 Cologne), editions were a further opportunity for intensive and excessive variations on his experiments, allowing him to stage a confrontation without end between himself and the world. Like an alchemist, he expected different techniques to bend to the will of his creative ego and so his editioned works comprise objects, books, portfolios, photographs, photocopies, collages, and numerous prints.

Polke never allowed technique to dictate the progression of his artistic work. In part, he transformed identical prints into unique objects by altering the foreground, background, or layering. The Kunstraum am Limes Collection thus contains several variations of copies of the same edition, including, for example, Freundinnen I (Girl Friends I, 1967), Reihertanz (Heron Dance, 1997), or Sauberes Auto (Clean Car – High Spirits, 2002). Other works are compositions consisting of several layers and printed on both front and back, such as Leave the Lab and Enter the Office (1980–91) or Eisberg (Iceberg, 2001). Figur mit Hand (Es schwindelt…) (Figure with Hand, Dizzy…, 1973) and Danneckers Hausgecko (Dannecker’s House Gecko, 2009) are serigraphs and lithographs, printed on textured, flocked paper embossed with lizardskin. On closer examination, the ‘dot’ print, a hallmark of Sigmar Polke paintings, becomes visible through the specific surface structure.

Sigmar Polke’s images are products of his world and surroundings. They reveal many traces of the changing society of the postwar years. Trivial scenes, the banality of everyday life, ambitions of the middle classes, national and international politics – all of this, he put under a microscope to consider and analyze. This enabled him to convey a unique picture of reality, shot through with irony, humour, and pointed criticism.

The artist worked concurrently with different techniques; his editions and his painting should be understood as symbiotic. Created in tandem, each extends the other’s existence. They feed on each other.

A selection of Sigmar Polke’s posters will be presented in parallel.

The exhibition is curated by Tereza de Arruda.

On the occasion of Sigmar Polke – The Editions a catalogue will be published through Walther König.

Event series
17.05.2017, 7 p.m.: Expert talk with Anna Polke & Erhard Klein
28.06.2017, 7 p.m.: Expert talk with Mike Karstens & Tereza de Arruda
13.07.2017, 6.30 p.m.: Curator’s guided tour with Tereza de Arruda
As ever, guided tours are available to school groups, inclusive practical workshops.

Sammlung Kunstraum am Limes
All artworks in the exhibition Sigmar Polke – The Editions are part of the Kunstraum am Limes Collection. Its founder, Dr. Axel Ciesielski, worked systematically with gallerists Erhard Klein and Christian Lethert from 1997 to 2009 to build up this segment of his collection. The collection is the only one in the world that contains the complete editioned works of Sigmar Polke. Since 2009, the collection has been shown at various international institutions, including the Oldenburger Kunstverein (2010), the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP, 2011), the Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen (2013), and the Museum Les Abattoirs in Toulouse (2014).

Preview: Thursday, 20th  April 2017, 10 a.m. to noon

Vernissage: Friday, 28th  April 2017, 10a.m. to noon

Exhibition period:  Friday 28th April to Sunday, 27th August 2017

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Image caption: Sigmar Polke, Ohne Titel (Münster 1973), 1973 © The Estate of Sigmar Polke, Cologne, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016, Photo baumann fotostudio gmbh

Exhibitions Berlin Galleries: Sigmar Polke – me Collectors Room Berlin / Stiftung Olbricht | ART at Berlin


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This Wednesday, 28th of June at 7pm, Georg Polke, son of the artist and Mike Karstens, who has worked with Polke for ten years both as an editor and printer of the editions, will speak about the editions of Sigmar Polke. Come join us!
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We`re open on todays Ascension Day. Come visit Sigmar Polke!

Sigmar Polke, Ohne Titel (Münster 1973), 1973, The Estate of Sigmar Polke, Cologne, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Photo baumann fotostudio gmbh
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View in the exhibition “Sigmar Polke - The Editions“. Don`t miss the talk with Erhard Klein, long-term galerist and editor of some of the editions and Anna Polke, daughter of the artist this Wednesday.
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Our childrens programme has started. Coinciding to Sigmar Polke they are creating their own editions!
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Fresh from the printing machine: Our accompanying publication `Sigmar Polke - The Editions` published through Koenig Books is ready!!
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