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Paula Klien

PROLOGUE | PERSONAL Paula, where do we talk? We would probably meet in my studio, which is located in Leblon, a district near Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro. My studio is in a small residential building where only artists live, and it is always wonderful to be there. The environment is great. My place is well-suited for my “wet” kind of work. Where do you come from, where and when were you born? I was born on August twenty-third, in Rio de Janeiro, the CIDADE MARAVILHOSA (wonderful city in Portuguese), the only place where chaos and beauty fit perfectly together! How and where do you currently live and work? I live in Ipanema and I work in the aforementioned studio in Leblon. Which stations and people have shaped you? I was basically shaped by the beach. I had the most beautiful childhood of all time. Until I was eight years old, I had never gone to school and was just alone with my parents, playing in the sand and the ocean of the Barra beach, which was all mine, as my father was one of the only people living there at the time. This was like paradise for me. I felt like I was living in the movie Blue Lagoon. Imagine Brooke Shields with jet black hair and dark eyes! I used to draw and paint with natural pigments and supports that I had available at the time. I was shaped by my parents and grandparents. It was a very creative period for me, without cellphones, without TVs, only nature. I relied only on my creativity to transform my world into something else. I transformed everything into art during that time. After that age, everything changed, and I had to …

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Image caption: Paula Klien at her studio © Paula Klien


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