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Iris Musolf

PROLOGUE | PERSONAL Mrs. Musolf, where do we talk? In my studio. It is a beautiful, big and very bright room with ceilings 5 meters high. It’s situated in the 3rd floor of a school building of the former German Democratic Republic (in German: DDR, in English: GDR) in Berlin, in between the triangle of the quarters Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Alt-Treptow. In previous times the studio used to be a classroom and in the stairway of the house you can still see the typical GDR-style mosaics and wall paintings showing youth at work. In my studio you will find several tables, a big one for ‘thinking’ and paperwork, a smaller one with molds, Acystal, concrete and tools – and another one for weighing materials and devices for wax boiling. Maybe we are sitting at your favorite place? We are sitting at the big table looking out the window with view to the Kindergarten opposite the street. You can hear the children playing loudly and joyfully in the garden. It’s peaceful. Where do you come from, where were you born when? I am from northern Germany, Niedersachsen. I was born in Hannover in 1980.However, my soul feels French. Where do you currently live and work? I live in Berlin, I work at home and in my studio. And I am a teacher of Fine Arts and German language at a private school which offers a special progressive concept to the pupils. Which stations and people have shaped you? For sure my childhood and youth in a small town. Then Paris. After having finished secondary school (German Abitur) in the year 2000, I went to a suburb of Paris working as Au-Pair which means I had to take care of 3 children of a well-off French family. While the kids were at school, I went to the city of Paris and took courses in French literature and phonetics.
The long stolls through the town, looking at famous monuments and statues, walking in the gardens influenced my …

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Image caption: Iris Musolf, Foto: Cordia Schlegelmilch


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