post-title Maarten Kools | Black Dog | pavlov’s dog | 07.04.–06.05.2017

Maarten Kools | Black Dog | pavlov’s dog | 07.04.–06.05.2017

Maarten Kools | Black Dog | pavlov’s dog | 07.04.–06.05.2017

Maarten Kools | Black Dog | pavlov’s dog | 07.04.–06.05.2017

until 06.05. | #1224ARTatBerlin | pavlov’s dog shows from 7th April 2017 the exhibition “Black Dog” by the artist Maarten Kools.

“Black Dog” photo series were produced by Maarten Kools as a reaction to his best friend’s suicide who was suffering from depression. This event marked as a turning point in Kool’s life and his approach to his work: From the need to make more personal and urgent photographs than before these iconic images shown here were taken.

How do you perceive your surroundings when you are depressed? Or afraid? Maarten doesn’t want to tell a story about the death of his girlfriend but wants to show his own perspective on the depression topic. With his photos, he is looking for the “Black Dog” , a term which is used as pseudonym for depression.

The work of 1970’s born photographer in Tilburg, Netherlands is an ongoing series. These contrasting black and white photos were produced spontaneously and with small-format cameras in Amsterdam, Berlin and Riga where Kools meets a “Black Dog”.
Friederike Milbradt

Maarten Kools, *1970 Tilburg / Netherlands, studied Photography at Royal Academy of Art The Hague. Since 2007 professional photographer, since 2011 also autonomous work. Exhibited in Amsterdam, Riga and Berlin.Winner of silver and bronze on several annual competitions of PANL Netherlands photo prize.

Vernissage: Thursday, 6th April 2017, 7 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 7th April to Saturday, 6th May 2017

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Image caption: Maarten Kools, o.T., Giclee Print, 40 x 54 cm, gerahmt, Auflage 1/3

Exhibitions Berlin Galleries: Maarten Kools – Black Dog – pavlov’s dog | ART at Berlin

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