post-title Group exhibition | Watercolour, ink and acrylic on paper| Jordan/Seydoux | 16.01.–05.03.2016

Group exhibition | Watercolour, ink and acrylic on paper| Jordan/Seydoux | 16.01.–05.03.2016

Group exhibition | Watercolour, ink and acrylic on paper| Jordan/Seydoux | 16.01.–05.03.2016

Group exhibition | Watercolour, ink and acrylic on paper| Jordan/Seydoux | 16.01.–05.03.2016

until 05.03. | #0353ARTatBerlin | The gallery Jordan/Seydoux shows a group exhibition from the 16th of January 2016. Inaugurating this year’s season are works by Gabriele Chiari (Austria), Renée Levi (Switzerland), Thomas Müller (Germany) and Milko Pavlov (Bulgaria).

Whether through watercolour, acrylic or ink, the 15 drawings on show explore the elusive sense of fluidity conveyed by works on paper.

Gabriele CHIARI
*1978, Hallein, Austria. Lives and works in Paris.
Gabriele Chiari completed her studies at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, School of Fine Art, in 2002. She has since been awarded several prizes for drawing, and has held an artist residency at Hermes Foundation (2013) amongst other institutions.
Gabriele Chiari works exclusively with watercolor – a middle ground, as she calls it, between drawing and painting. Only exceptionally does she choose to depart from her usual format – 73 x 110 cm – always invariably employed horizontally. Her production is small, only about ten works per year. What is also essential in her work is the preparation of both paper and color, an unfaltering gesture and openness to chance – for Chiari never knows herself what kind of “chemistry” or “magic” process will take place and shape her forms’ outlines.
Gabriele Chiari’s works are to be seen for the first time in Berlin. We are pleased to display three
representative watercolours from 2009, 2014 and 2015.

Renée LEVI
*1960, Istanbul, Turkey. Lives and works in Basel.
Originally trained as an architect (HTL Muttenz, Switzerland), Renée Levi studied Fine Arts at Zurich
University of the Arts (ZHdK). Soon after graduation, in 1991, she participated in numerous exhibitions in
Europe receiving various honors and awards, amongst which the Meret Oppenheim Prize in 2002. Since
2001, she is Professor of Fine Arts and Painting at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Basel. Levi has taken part in numerous solo and group shows in museums and galleries across Europe, such as FRAC Bretagne or the Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich.
Levi is known for her colour-intensive, large-format paintings occupying whole spaces. Often working
directly on walls and even more often on very large frames, her work essentially raises the question of the painter’s gesture and the relationship of painting to space. In her drawings, Levi’s focus is less on the final result than the process of making – that process in which a moment of concentration becomes manifest in a gesture, a sign.
The four drawings on show, first exhibited at FRAC Bretagne (Rennes, France), belong to a series of 120 works by the title “Tohu-Bohu”.

*1959, Frankfurt am Main. Lives and works in Stuttgart.
Has exhibited widely in Germany and abroad. His works are part of numerous public collections in
Germany, France und USA. 2003 artist-in-residence at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa (Texas, USA),
which was founded by Donald Judd.
In the mid-1990s Thomas Müller abandons painting in order to devote himself solely to drawing, a medium more attuned to his intellect and modus operandi. This not only affords him greater freedom, but also furnishes the opportunity of greater interaction between drawings created simultaneously – be it their common quest for form or in their contrasting artistic statements. Müller has since developed a body of work that, whilst remaining true to the classic canon of line on paper, has pushed the boundaries of the medium, both in terms of the radicality and of the rigour of his artistic investigations.
On show, four recent drawings (2015), mixed media on paper.

*1956, Aytos, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Berlin and Sofia.
Numerous exhibitions in Germany und Bulgaria. His two last important solo shows were 2012 in Sofia,
Bulgaria, and Huntington Beach, California, USA. In 2014 he participated to the group show “Unknown
Masterpieces” at Wonderloch Kellerland, Berlin.
It is mainly in summer when the studio light is too strong to work properly on his big scale chalk frottages
that Pavlov concentrates on his watercolours. Their textural fluidity contrasts with the frottages’
monochrome structures. Pavlov postdates almost all his works, as if they were coming from or were
projections from the future. He poses questions about the present-future relation, which in the physical
world are hard to overcome but, on the other hand, can be challenged and manipulated in the world of
On show are watercolours on paper, 50 x 60 cm, dated 2090, 2099, 2107 and 2120.

Vernissage: Friday, 15th January 2016, 06:00 – 09:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 16th January to Saturday, 05th March 2016

Zu Jordan/Seydoux


Image caption:  Renée Levi, “Tohu-Bohu” 2008, 21 x 29,7 cm, acrylic on paper – via Jordan/Seydoux

Group exhibition – Jordan-Seydoux – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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