post-title Group Exhibition | Recharged Reality | Berlinartprojects | 14.03.-23.05.2015

Group Exhibition | Recharged Reality | Berlinartprojects | 14.03.-23.05.2015

Group Exhibition | Recharged Reality | Berlinartprojects | 14.03.-23.05.2015

Group Exhibition | Recharged Reality | Berlinartprojects | 14.03.-23.05.2015

until 23.05. | #0038ARTatBerlin | BERLINARTPROJECTS is presenting a group exhibition with the six gallery artists Daniel Harms, Ulrich Riedel, Yaşam Şaşmazer, Eda Soylu, Claudia Vitari and Meike Zopf. The exhibition will continuously re-constitute itself as individual works are being swapped and therefore context and effect change simultaneously. The works of the artists give an insight into different views of the world, filtered and shaped by their own thoughts, experiences and world views.

Whether the art involves reflections, critical perceptions or alternative concepts, each new setting creates its own reality. The works mutually enrich each other, again and again emphasizing new aspects. The replacement of one work therefore also affects the entire exhibition – as new concepts and relations are gained, others disappear its reality becomes ‘recharged’.
One remarkable position in the show are the ‘dying flowers in concrete’, that will be shown to a later time during the exhibition. The young Turkish artist Eda Soylu embeds flowers in concrete. At the beginning they are still able to draw water from the slowly drying material while then gradually they dry out and die.
The pieces shown range from drawings and paintings to photography and sculpture. The cultural backgrounds are equally diverse; as the artists originate from countries such as Turkey, Italy as well as Germany.

Daniel Harms (born in Hamburg in 1980) lives and works in Berlin. Being a self-taught painter; his art became an expression and outlet for his own emotions and development. Currently he is working on his fourth body of work.
Ulrich Riedel (born in Berlin in 1979), lives and works in Berlin. As master student of Tony Cragg, he refers to philosophy and mathematics and questions social conventions in his wooden artwork and installations.
Yaşam Şaşmazer (born in Istanbul in 1980), lives and works in Berlin. The Istanbul Art Magazine has named the sculptress one of the most promising uprising young Turkish artists. Her work mainly focuses on psychological theories.
Eda Soylu (born in Istanbul in 1990), lives and works in Istanbul. She experiments with a wide range of media types, tackling themes such as current political unrests, violence and genocide.
Claudia Vitari (born in 1979 in Turin), lives and works in Berlin. The multi-faceted artist specializes in depicting people along with their biographies and has a sociological view of the world. She works with glass.
Meike Zopf (born in 1972 in Hanover), lives and works in Berlin. In her drawings and paintings she quotes from works of art history in a collage technique, depicting seemingly idyllic motives alongside with autobiographical elements.

Vernissage: March 13, 2015, 6-9 pm

Exhibiton period: March 14 – May 23, 2015



Image caption: Eda Soylu | Detail eines Exponats der Serie And the house frowned | 2015

Gruppenausstellung – Recharged Reality – Berlinartprojects  – Kunst in Berlin ART@Berlin



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