post-title * * * * * | Gruppenausstellung | Stella A. | 19.02.-02.04.2016

* * * * * | Gruppenausstellung | Stella A. | 19.02.-02.04.2016

* * * * * | Gruppenausstellung | Stella A. | 19.02.-02.04.2016

* * * * * | Gruppenausstellung | Stella A. | 19.02.-02.04.2016

bis 02.04. | #0407ARTatBerlin |  Galerie Stella A. shows from the 19th February 2016 the exhibtion ***** with Milena Aguilar, Fritz Balthaus, Peter Scior, Andreas Seltzer and Nanaé Suzuki.

Five stars, five names – five artists representing the gallery’s program in an exemplary way, five positions in the field of contemporary art. Five attitudes- subjective and confirmed by individual experience. Five models of today’s visions and sentiments, opening new mental spaces if admitted.

Milena Aguilar is painting outdoors, on locations in the vincinity of the city, spaces between culture and nature waiting for the planning to come. “Forgotten landscapes” which didn’t exist this way a hundred years ago and will probably be extinct in another hundred years. With her painting, Milena attends to them before that.

In her painting, Nanaé Suzuki puts the light on the magic of everyday activities, mostly performed by women. The familiar actions are transformed into mystical incidents, thus creating a halt in the usual routines and allowing a second view at them.

In his showcase, Fritz Balthaus is presenting a pair of gloves together with two balls of silver foil. They are projected from the inner gallery space to the outside and vice versa. Were these things lost or forgotten? Are they beautiful? Would they fit me? Is it an event? When is an event important, when is it trivial?

Peter Scior is transforming shades of light and the atmosphere of spaces into a calm cool realm of painting. The rooms and objects thus depicted are stepping out of their familiar utility. Also, people or rather their pictures become elements of a “Neue Sachlichkeit”.

In his drawing series “Wiepersdorfer Tagebuch” (Diary of Wiepersdorf), Andreas Seltzer documents everyday incidents during his residential scholarship at Schloss Wiepersdorf. Events and reflections are jotted down in a neutral puncturing technique and then transformed into personal handwriting.

Vernissage: Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2016, 19:00 – 21:00 Uhr

Ausstellungsdaten: 19. Februar – 02. April 2016

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Fünf Sterne Exhibition – Stella A. Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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