post-title Susanne Bonowicz & Philipp Bünger | urban findings | erstererster Galerie | 18.11.–26.11.2017

Susanne Bonowicz & Philipp Bünger | urban findings | erstererster Galerie | 18.11.–26.11.2017

Susanne Bonowicz & Philipp Bünger | urban findings | erstererster Galerie | 18.11.–26.11.2017

Susanne Bonowicz & Philipp Bünger | urban findings | erstererster Galerie | 18.11.–26.11.2017

until 26.11. | #1670ARTatBerlin | erstererster Galerie shows from 18th November 2017 the exhibition “urban findings” by the artists Susanne Bonowicz and Philipp Bünger.

“Urban findings” shows large-scale paintings by Susanne Bonowicz in direct interplay with smaller photographs by Philipp Bünger. The exhibition’s three-dimensional motifs are set against abstract urban landscapes, creating a vivid choreography of leaps in colour and scale, while playing with spatial depth. In moments captured by their respective media, both artists rediscover the construct of (urban) space and offer an expanded view on architecture.

Susanne Bonowicz
In her paintings Susanne Bonowicz discusses experiences from different metropolises. Using her own observations and memories, her works convey the theme of urbanity in large-scale compositions of architectonical shapes and lines. Memories, sound, smells as well as visual impressions become here the main subjects. Her works evoke constructed colored fields, lines and shapes, a color- and form language that describes both the variety and the contrasts of a vibrant and chaotic cityscape. Thereby the artist is constantly referring to nature and deals with the juxtaposition and the mutual interference of culture and nature. A field of tension, which Bonowicz is exploring throughout all of her works.

The artist Susanne Bonowicz (born 1985) studied Art and History of Art at the University of Osnabrueck and at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The Berlin-based artist has been exhibited her work in various solo – and group shows in Germany, South Africa and Thailand. In 2016 she was a participant of the artist-in-residence program project189 in Bangkok.

Philipp Bünger
The works being displayed in Gallery erstererster’s show are a result of Philipp Büngers recent artist-in-residence stay in Finland. Known for his large scale ballpointpen drawings his recent works mark a change of direction representing photographic images of threedimensional objects. Almost like architectonic fragments, these works connect to earlier drawings discussing the topic of imperfection and the search for meaning in humans life. In the eyes of the artist the fragment symbolises the humans desire for perfection. New color photographs come along surprisingly optimistic and indicate a new approach in future works. Being educated as an architect has left obvious traces in his work showing obsessive tendencies for geometric order. Playing with the contrast between geometry and sensual appearence is an essential part of his art.

Philipp Bünger is a berlin born artist. Prior to his artistic career he worked as an architect in different european cities, such as moscow, rome and berlin. Since 2013 he’s been devoting himself fulltime to his art which he has shown in various exhibitions in Berlin and Bangkok.

Vernissage: Friday, 17th November 2017, 7 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 18th November to Sunday, 26th November 2017

Zur erstererster Galerie


Image caption: Susanne Bonowicz, „ohne Titel“ 2017, Öl und Acryl auf Leinwand, 290 x 180 cm (zweiteilig)

Exhibition: Susanne Bonowicz + Philipp Bünger – urban findings – erstererster Galerie | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin

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