here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Sasha Gouliaev | Ballett Art | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin | 15.08.-29.08.2018

until 29.08. | #2117ARTatBerlin | The gallery JeanMichelBerlin shows from 15th August 2018 selected photographies “Ballett Art” by former ballet star and current, photographer Sasha Gouliaev. They show moments of perfection that hardly anyone but ballet dancers can reach. Sasha Gouliaev, Paris, Swan, 2012, 80 x 80 cm Sasha Gouliaev, Swan 3, 2012, 30 x 40 […]

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Carl Kolb | Belles de Nuit | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin | 06.07.-31.07.2018

until 31.07. | #2081ARTatBerlin | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin shows from 6th July 2018 the exhibition “BELLES DE NUIT” with photographies (portraits and nudes) by Carl Kolb. Photographer Carl Kolb, who lives in Heidelberg, shows portraits and nudes. In the fine arts, poetic, sensual, erotic, a hymn to female beauty. Carl Kolb – Victoria Carl Kolb – […]

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Urban Landscapes + Primate Dreams | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin | 14.06.-01.07.2018

until 01.07. | #2050ARTatBerlin | The gallery JeanMichelBerlin shows from 14th Juni 2018 the exhibition “Urban Landscapes & Primate Dreams” with photographs, pictures and short films by Gerhard R. Braun. Invitation card (front side) to the exhibition Cityscapes + Primate Dreams with Gerhard R. Braun The Berlin artist Gerhard R. Braun presents an exhibition of […]

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Your Horizon | Contemporary Painting by Chinese and German female Artists | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin | 05.05.-19.05.2018

until 19.05. | #2014ARTatBerlin | The gallery JEANMICHELBERLIN shows from 5th May 2018 together with the “bambuspforte” SOCIETY FOR GERMAN CHINESE CULTURAL EXCHANGE BERLIN the exhibition “Your Horizon – Contemporary Painting by Chinese and German female Artists”. The gallery JEANMICHELBERLIN and the “bambuspforte” SOCIETY FOR GERMAN CHINESE CULTURAL EXCHANGE BERLIN present the exhibition “Your Horizon – […]

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Photo exhibition “Women in present-day China” | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin | 28.04.-02.05.2018

bis 02.05. | #1982ARTatBerlin | The gallery JEANMICHELBERLIN and the “bambuspforte” SOCIETY FOR GERMAN CHINESE CULTURAL EXCHANGE BERLIN present the photo exhibition “Women in present-day China”. The gallery JEANMICHELBERLIN and the “bambuspforte” SOCIETY FOR GERMAN CHINESE CULTURAL EXCHANGE BERLIN present the photo exhibition “Women in Present-day China” by seven chinese female artists from 28 April […]

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outside the map – fuera del mapa – art from the Canary Islands | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin | 09.03.-14.04.2018 – verlängert bis 21.04.2018!

until 21.04. | #1893ARTatBerlin | From 9th March 2018 the Galerie JEANMICHELBERLIN and SOCIEDAD PARA LA PROMOCIÓN CULTURAL DE CANARIAS EN EUROPE, in cooperation with GOBIERNO DE CANARIAS – the Government of the Canary Islands, present the exhibition “outside the map – fuera del mapa: art from the Canary Islands”. Invitation card to the exhibition […]

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Itane Howell + Dinah Busse | Paintings and Drawings | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin | 02.02.-03.03.2018

until 03.03. | #1811ARTatBerlin | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin shows from 2nd February 2018 an exhibition with paintings and drawings by the artists Itane Howell and Dinah Busse. Itane Howell, born in Breslau, Germany, spent her educational years in Munich. She immigrated 1966 to New York City where she went to the School of Visual Arts. Later […]

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Bilder + Zeichnungen | Gruppenausstellung | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin | 10.01.-27.01.2018

until 27.01. | #1798ARTatBerlin | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin shows from 10th January 2018 a group exhibition including paintings and drawings from artists of the gallery. We are glad to inform you that from Wednesday 10th of January till Saturday 27th of January, 2018 in our gallery paintings and drawings of the following artists are shown: José […]

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THITZ | Urban Bag Art, Utopian Civilizations | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin | 23.11.-30.12.2017

until 30.12. | #1635ARTatBerlin | Galerie JeanMichelBerlin shows from 23rd November 2017 the exhibition “Urban Bag Art, Utopian Civilizations” by the artist THITZ. The artist, born in 1962, became known for his bag projects. He travels to metropolises around the world. The impressions that the big cities leave behind are reflected in his large-format pictures, […]

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Feodora Hohenlohe | Description of the Familiar | JeanMichelBerlin | 06.10.-31.10.2017

until 31.10. | #1584ARTatBerlin | The Gallery JeanMichelBerlin presents Feodora Hohenlohes paintings in a comprehensive exibition entitled “The Description of the Familiar”. When asked about herself, Feodora Hohenlohe says: “I am a painter and in love with oil colors. If you want to know something about me, then have a look at my pictures.” These, however, […]

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