post-title subtext glas(s) | Objects, Drawings, Photography | lorch+seidel contemporary | 21.07.-02.09.2017

subtext glas(s) | Objects, Drawings, Photography | lorch+seidel contemporary | 21.07.-02.09.2017

subtext glas(s) | Objects, Drawings, Photography | lorch+seidel contemporary | 21.07.-02.09.2017

subtext glas(s) | Objects, Drawings, Photography | lorch+seidel contemporary | 21.07.-02.09.2017

until 02.09. | #1467ARTatBerlin | lorch+seidel contemporary shows from 21st July 2017 the exhibition “subtext glas(s)” by the class Prof. Jens Gussek of the Institut für Künstlerische Keramik und Glas Hochschule Koblenz.

Life, in what feels like the third modern period, the Post-Post-Modern or what ever it is called today is difficult. It is not even possible to reach a consensus on a name for our epoch, our era. The present day struggles against all affixations, against categories and compartments, good or bad. We have seen everything, heard everything, just like the beginning of this text. From this we can derive anything goes, everything is possible, simultaneously and globally. Let us take a bit of everything throw it into a mixer and whatever comes out is sure to be interesting. Or, let us see what happens when we concentrate on something very specific, when we claim that there are unseen images, unspoken sentences and that the mountains in the distance are clear and distinct it is just the path that is blurred. In this sense it is to be glass, at least here. Glass is a material like any other and therefore suitable for artistic expression. Glass is simply more complex in its outer appearance, from transparent to translucent to opaque and with the option to get all of that in truly strong brilliant colors. It is more difficult to manipulate glass. Knowledge of how things act and react is needed if an idea is to materialize. Glass demands true skill, which can be acquired with the proper assistance. It requires a meaningful idea that outlasts the comparatively long production time and it inspires material thinking, which delineates our philosophy. We can tread without fear, because at least we have experienced what works and what does not. Although we sometimes have doubts as to where the journey will take us, we know exactly where we come from, where our core is. Since we do not close our eyes while we work, the world and the contemporary remain our companions; curious and marveled we present them with new images. Jens Gussek / translation Jesse Magee

Lena Feldmann · Jens Gussek · Masami Hirohata · Saskia Kaiser
Susanne Kunkel · Miki Lin · Jesse Magee · Judith Röder
Verena Schatz · Daniel Schönbauer · Christian Schultz · Lena Trost

Vernissage: Friday, 21st July 2017, 7 to 9 p.m.

Finissage: Saturday, 2nd September 2017, 4 to 6 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 21st July to Saturday, 2nd September 2017

Zu lorch + seidel contemporary


Image caption: Masami Hirohata | Stillleben mit Melone | Fotografie | Auflage 20 | Direktdruck auf Alu-Dibond | 74 x 110 cm | 2014

Exhibitions Berlin Galleries: subtext glas(s) – Objects, Drawings, Photography – lorch+seidel contemporary | ART at Berlin


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