post-title Jürgen Liefmann | (wo was her kommt …) | Stella A. | 16.06.–12.08.2017

Jürgen Liefmann | (wo was her kommt …) | Stella A. | 16.06.–12.08.2017

Jürgen Liefmann | (wo was her kommt …) | Stella A. | 16.06.–12.08.2017

Jürgen Liefmann | (wo was her kommt …) | Stella A. | 16.06.–12.08.2017

until 12.08. | #1414ARTatBerlin | Stella A. shows from 16th June 2017 the exhibition “(wo was her kommt …)” with paintings and drawings by the artist Jürgen Liefmann.

This exhibition is dedicated to the memories of Jürgen Liefmann´s jewish familiy and their story. The exhibit is accompanied by a catalogue with letters, photos, pre-war documents, documents of emigration and deportation. In this catalogue Liefman links his artistic work with the history of his family.

Parallel to the research on his family he has painted a series of pictures in which he arranged  colors and forms as if they were in constant discussion carried out on paper. On the latest tabloids the discussion is continued in the smallest space in order to find out which means are essential to a picture and a message.

„I alwalys wanted to paint simple pictures. My painting has always been an alignment of the distance to the `object` wanting to be presented. The simple/the plain is not a reduction. In the pictorial world it is  a representative. Since pictures are attendant to life, thinking and acting, they often tintillate between a static aspect and a gestural agitation, between dumbness and startling volubility. In addition to the adjustment technical skills are necessary/ needed, the speed of the painting process, the format, the choice of colors. It is a complex operation which should not be noticed.“ Jürgen Liefmann

Vernissage: Thursday, 15th June 2017, 7 to 9 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 16th June to Saturday, 12th August 2017

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Image caption: Jürgen Liefmann, O.T., Gouache auf Papier, 50 x 70 cm, 2016

Exhibitions Berlin Galleries: Jürgen Liefmann – wo was her kommt … – Stella A. | ART at Berlin


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