post-title Nick Dawes | Lean and Prop | 68projects | 11.03.–15.04.2017

Nick Dawes | Lean and Prop | 68projects | 11.03.–15.04.2017

Nick Dawes | Lean and Prop | 68projects | 11.03.–15.04.2017

Nick Dawes | Lean and Prop | 68projects | 11.03.–15.04.2017

until 15.04. | #1094ARTatBerlin | 68projects presents from 11th March 2017 the exhibition “Lean and Prop” by the british artist Nick Dawes.

68projects is very pleased to announce the first Berlin exhibition „Lean and Prop“ by British painter Nick Dawes. Associated with a group of abstract, bright paintings we are exhibiting a selection of small- format, monochrome pencil drawings.

Nick Dawes’s painting process is usually a lengthy one and involves a gradual distillation of everything that makes a scene memorable: mood and atmosphere, feeling and emotions, bodily sensation and state of mind.

His paintings engender responses from the viewer, not necessarily of specific identity with the subject but of emotional congruence; it is for this reason that feelings of empathy, affinity, even recognition are appropriate reactions to the work.

In Dawes’s case succession is signified physically by a variety of means: by then overlay of one colour on another, by the orchestration and direction of the poured lines and shapes, by the implied sequential movements of the painter’s hand.
We sense too, that the complexity of the surface is a necessary condition for the representation of complex emotions and feeling remains at the centre of Dawes’s art. The paintings selected for this exhibition, as has always been the case, require the viewer to engage with them in their own right.

The title of the exhibition „Lean and Prop“ is a reference to the deep unity of the artist with his material. To lean and to prop are the two behaviour patterns that Dawes allows, indeed welcomes to the canvas in his working process.

From 1988 to 1989 Nick Dawes studied at Gloucestershire College of Art and Technology in the Art and Design Foundation Diploma curse. This intense curse brought him closer to his profession of an artist.

In the same year he started at the Polytechnic departement at the University of Brighton and gratuated with his Bachelor of Fine Art in 1992. In 2006 Nick Dawes was nominated for the Celeste Art Prize.

The artist’s works have been shown in many solo exhibitions in Europe, such as the Galerie Lucy Mackintosh in Lausanne, Switzerland and the John Hansard Gallery in Southampton. His last big solo exhibition took place in the Turps Gallery in London. He lives and works in London.

Vernissage: Saturday, 11th March 2017, 8 to 9 p.m. (The artist will be present)

Exhibition period: Saturday 11th March to Saturday 15. April 2017

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Image caption: Nick Dawes, ice, 2016, Mischtechnik auf Leinwand, 60 x 75 cm

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