post-title You Jin | Metaphor | 68 projects | 15.09.–30.10.2021

You Jin | Metaphor | 68 projects | 15.09.–30.10.2021

You Jin | Metaphor | 68 projects | 15.09.–30.10.2021

You Jin | Metaphor | 68 projects | 15.09.–30.10.2021

until 30.10. | #3134ARTatBerlin | 68 projects presents from 15th September 2021 the solo exhibition Metaphor with works by the Chinese artist You Jin.

In his works, the artist creates his own universe to reflect on the complexity of the human being as well as on social dilemmas. Passionate about the digital world himself, You Jin works in a country that has experienced a tremendous economic and technological boom and has since wanted to break with the past. Today, You Jin belongs to a new generation of Chinese artists who are changing the contemporary scene.

In his works, You Jin pursues a method of observation that fuses philosophical theories of both Eastern and Western thought. In this way, he aims to bring together the perspective relationship between Chinese and Western painting as a means of dialogue and understanding universal energies. His dynamic paintings thus reflect on our contemporary lives, influenced by ever-changing circumstances, ideals and situations that often require a systematic update of self-reflection and expression. He applies elements from traditional Chinese culture and iconography, from the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove to Taoism and the symbolic meaning of bamboo and water.

Like traditional Chinese landscape painters, You Jin has a realistic view of his surroundings. He is fascinated by the constant changes in the city and the seemingly endless possibilities that urban spaces also offer to painting. For the artist, technological progress must be in harmony with the development of human thought. This leads to highly saturated canvases that are a tumult of almost psychedelic colours with often numerous perspectives – as viewers, we find ourselves in a colourful vortex and have the feeling of looking in different directions at the same time.

The artist describes his work as an “aesthetic image of the true existence of life. An embodiment of the spirit, thoughts and the world, both virtual and physical. One only has to look at the recurring image of the spiral staircase, which represents the cycle of life – with the choice of going up or down. The bamboo sometimes represents the stability and perseverance of humanity, but sometimes it also serves as a reference to the interconnectedness of earth and sky – as the air circulating in the bamboo root never accumulates, but is always in constant flux.

Water, on the other hand, assumes three states: Movement, circulation or stillness, as can be seen in Taoist depictions of water as a guide to life and ethics. There, water functions either as a driver of turbulence between other elements, as a surge of energy or as an exchange between old and new perceptions of reality. What always remains, however, is water as the source of life, an understanding of its omnipresent aura, and the realisation that no matter how the movement of “water” or “life” may change, the spirit of the self will never disappear.

You Jin (born 1979 in Shenyang, China) is an artist whose work is characterised by colour, light and lines, executed in a precise mechanical technique. He graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Art in 2005 and has since exhibited his work in museums around the world and throughout the Chinese cultural region. He has had solo exhibitions at Parkview Art Hong Kong, the alternative art space LOOP in Seoul, the Opera Gallery in Geneva and the EGG Gallery in Beijing, among others. His work has been presented at international art fairs such as Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Basel, Art021 Shanghai, Art Stage Singapore and Taipei Art International Fair. You Lin lives and works in Beijing.

Opening: Thursday, 16 September 2021, from 12:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Wednesday, 15 September – Saturday, 30 October 2021




Image caption: Der Transzendentalist, 2021, Öl auf Leinwand, 150 x 200 cm

Exhibition You Jin – 68 projects | Contemporary Art – Kunst Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin


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