post-title Wien-Berlinische Kunstarmee | Galerie Gesellschaft | 18.04.-08.06.2019

Wien-Berlinische Kunstarmee | Galerie Gesellschaft | 18.04.-08.06.2019

Wien-Berlinische Kunstarmee | Galerie Gesellschaft | 18.04.-08.06.2019

Wien-Berlinische Kunstarmee | Galerie Gesellschaft | 18.04.-08.06.2019

until 18.06. | #2440ARTatBerlin | Galerie Gesellschaft currently presents the exhibition by the Wien-Berlinischen Kunstarmee (Vienna-Berlin Art Army).

On April 18, the Vienna-Berlin Art Army marches up in Berlin in a completely peaceful manner. Artists and art enthusiasts from these two cities have joined forces to make a radical contribution to the diverse Berlin and Viennese scenes.

On the one hand, this happens out of a certain tedium with the tendencies of the art market, in order to circle oneself, satisfy narcissistic needs, supply demand and squint at complacency. On the other hand, the participants develop a pronounced enthusiasm for a higher status of artistic social reflection in uncertain and crisis-ridden times. However, her work only begins where words, gestures or mathematical equations can no longer grasp the world. In particular, she revolves around the role of identity and irony, the relationships between art and city life, and information and communication. Although (or precisely because) they are solitary existences, the artarmists form a complex adaptive system.

Kai Hellbardt, Courtesy the artist and Galerie Gesellschaft

This new cultural axis of the two German-speaking metropolises Vienna and Berlin is also attractive. It is up to the viewer to discover K&K or Prussian elements in the works. The first group exhibition of the Vienna-Berlin Art Army is the prelude to a series of presentations with paintings, sculptures, videos and performances. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue.

Nils Blau-Schneitz

As individualistic as the different approaches may be, however contrary the works may be, the participants find themselves in the words of the French phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty: “The painter makes visible what would remain enclosed in the individual life of consciousness without him.”

Thomas Platt, Loud as a goose’s transport, 114 x 130 cm, Mischtechnik Papier

The artists

Nils Blau Schneitz
In his work “Collections 1-7”, the Berlin artist deals with the border between the everyday and the specifically artistic. The overcoming of this border crossing takes place through a material and context-dependent change that leads to a fictionalized objectivity.

Kai Hellbardt
At first sight you can see nice motifs and people. From behind, however, small, treacherous elements creep into the picture. Copulating garden gnomes, brass plaques screwed onto smiling sick people, strange corpses. The Berlin painter’s new paintings develop an ironic meta-realism.

Tobias Hermeling
The Viennese artist already belongs to a generation that grew up with Switchen. He describes his works as hectic visual poetry and works with crossovers and a preference for the media of the 1990s. All this in painting, sculpture, drawing, film and photography.

Thomas Platt
calls his new works “Urban Cave Paintings”. They go back to Berlin street finds and develop into a vegetation of possible fantasies on canvas and paper. The “Archetypes of Fear” sculptures are lost forms that, as artificial relics, focus on the end of civilization.

Christian Stock
In the “Cubic Paintings” by the Viennese artist, the object expelled from the painting by the abstraction of modern painting returns with force. The classical formal logic of space with figure and background is transformed into a time logic. The idea of the square does not become visible as an image or prototype of the object, but through the painting itself as the origin of the object.

The initiators:
Prof. Dr. Jo Groebel, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Peter Vitouch, Wien

The gallerist
Heike Saborowski

Familiar and unknown faces of Berlin and Viennese society and cultural scene are expected.

Vernissage: Thursday, 18 April 2019, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Thursday, 18 April to Saturday, 8 June 2019

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